Jackpot at the Pawn Shop

I’m not one to frequent pawnshops.  They usually want too much money for just about anything they sell.  From my past experience, their guitars are overpriced and in poor condition, the stores smell kind of weird and there’s so much useless junk.

But today…

I was at the Berry Festival in downtown Abbotsford with my brother-in-law who was visiting from Edmonton and we decided to venture into a pawnshop that had a drum kit in the window that piqued my interest.

The drum kit was in horrible condition and was, again, overpriced.  So I looked around for something else interesting and saw a 12-string acoustic guitar – well actually, it was an 11-string acoustic guitar because it wasn’t even fully strung – and they again had it overpriced.

Then I saw the CD rack.

And the sign above it read: “CD’s: $2.25/ea or 5 for $10”.  How could I go wrong?!  iTunes charges about a buck per song so even if there’s only 2 good songs on the album, I’m ahead of the game!

As my brother-in-law and I rifled through the CD’s, neither of us had any problems finding 5 CD’s and actually had to choose between a few so as to not get too carried away.  We even almost fought over an album.  It was the Odds’ first album.  Classic.  He saw it first, and then I saw the Odds’ Good Weird Feeling album and we were even.

I purchased the following albums for a grand total of $10 (didn’t even have to pay HST! Suck on that, Colin Hansen and Gordon Campbell!)

The Odds – Good Weird Feeling

  1. Truth Untold
  2. Smokescreen (Come and Get Me)
  3. Radios of Heaven
  4. I Would Be Your Man
  5. Satisfied
  6. Break the Bed
  7. Oh Sorrow, Oh Shame
  8. Eat My Brain
  9. The Last Drink
  10. Anybody Else But Me
  11. Mercy To Go
  12. Leave It There
  13. We’ll Talk

Candlebox – Candlebox

  1. Don’t You
  2. Change
  3. You
  4. No Sense
  5. Far Behind
  6. Blossom
  7. Arrow
  8. Rain
  9. Mothers Dream
  10. Cover Me
  11. He Calls Home

Oasis – The Masterplan

  1. Acquiesce
  2. Underneath The Sky
  3. Talk Tonight
  4. Going Nowhere
  5. Fade Away
  6. The Swamp Song
  7. I Am the Walrus (live)
  8. Listen Up
  9. Rockin’ Chair
  10. Half the World Away
  11. (It’s Good) To Be Free
  12. Stay Young
  13. Headshrinker
  14. The Masterplan

Days of the New – Days of the New

  1. Shelf in the Room
  2. Touch, Peel and Stand
  3. Face of the Earth
  4. Solitude
  5. The Down Town
  6. What’s Left For Me?
  7. Freak
  8. Now
  9. Whimsical
  10. Where I Stand
  11. How Do You Know You?
  12. Cling

Gin Blossoms – Congratulations…I’m Sorry

  1. Day Job
  2. Highwire
  3. Follow You Down
  4. Not Only Numb
  5. As Long As It Matters
  6. Perfectly Still
  7. My Car
  8. Virginia
  9. Whitewash
  10. I Can’t Figure You Out
  11. Memphis Time
  12. Competition Smile
  13. Til I Hear It From You

So obviously, I scored big time!  The bold, italicized tracks are ones that I’d recommend checking out if you don’t already know them.  As I review these albums, it appears that I was in the mood for some ‘90s rock.  All albums were released in the ‘90s and none of the bands are still together, unless you consider The New Odds the same as the original Odds.

In conclusion, I learned my lesson from pawnshops: don’t look for anything but CD’s and you can’t get ripped off.

~ by DR on July 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Jackpot at the Pawn Shop”

  1. Nice find man. I had a similar experience recently at one of my local pawn shops…. walked away with a ton of music for nearly nothing!

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