The Forgotten Instrumental

You don’t hear too many instrumental songs on the radio these days, and it makes me wonder: why the need for singing all the time?  There have been many cases in my life where I have heard a perfectly good song get ruined by the singer.  Again, I understand the appeal and desire to hear someone sing a nice melody over music being played, but I wonder why we don’t hear many, if ANY instrumentals on the radio these days.  Perhaps I’m partial to the instrumental because I can’t sing so I only write instrumentals, for the most part.  Guess I’ll never be on the radio either 😛 (Like that’s the only thing stopping me)

The reason I rant is because I was thinking about some great instrumental songs the other day and realized that the only time I hear them is when I play them on my iPod or computer.  There are many instrumentals that I would consider “radio-friendly”, however, I believe the radio fears the instrumental in that it would scare away/bore too many a listener and they would indeed lose their precious ratings.

Perhaps an instrumental is vapid of identity to the untrained listener.  I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.  What I do indeed know is that I have again composed a list.  Yes, another list.  This time, a list of songs I consider to be some of the better instrumentals of the past 50 years or so.  Well, they’re my favourites at the very least:  (Agree to disagree)

  1. The Call of Ktulu – Metallica
  2. Closing In – The Living End
  3. Little Wing – Stevie Ray Vaughan
  4. Cliffs of Dover – Eric Johnson
  5. Eruption – Van Halen
  6. Tender Surrender – Steve Vai
  7. Classical Gas – Mason Williams
  8. Moby Dick – Led Zeppelin
  9. Lenny – Stevie Ray Vaughan
  10. Rebel-‘Rouser – Duane Eddy
  11. For the Love of God – Steve Vai
  12. Pipeline – Dick Dale & his Del-Tones
  13. The Crush of Love – Joe Satriani
  14. Orion – Metallica
  15. The Badger – Tea Party
  16. Sleepwalk – The Brian Setzer Orchestra
  17. Madman – Silverchair
  18. Pretty Little Ditty – Red Hot Chili Peppers
  19. Turf’s Up – Brad Paisley
  20. Welcome To Bucketheadland – Buckethead

Honorable mentions to: Frankenstein by Edgar Winter Band; Hideaway by Freddy King; Green Onions by Booker T. & the MG’s; Whale & Wasp by Alice In Chains and Europa by Santana.

Note: I selected the last 50 years so I could omit the classical music genre without running the risk of being regarded as uninformed and/or ignorant.

~ by DR on July 18, 2010.

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