Tunes o’ the Week!

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I began this blog to spread good music and discover good music, new and old.  I’ve been fortunate enough to both discover some great bands and songs, thanks to readers’ recommendations, as well as to receive feedback that some of my suggestions have been well received, and some readers are enjoying some of the music I’ve posted/suggested/hyped.  So, thanks to everyone who has done either or!

Keeping with the theme, I have a list 10 great songs that I’ve been listening to a fair bit the past week/month that I want to pass along to readers who may be interested.  Forgive me if you’ve already heard all or most of these songs, as I can sometimes be a little slow on the draw to discover this stuff.  I mean, I can only devote so much time (and money) to music.  I blame real life for getting in the way: school, work, social life… (Thought: if only there were a way to get paid to do this…)

Anyway, here are some tunes you may or may not like!  Give ’em a listen, at the very least.

Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down – The Parlor Mob Heard this song on Entourage as I was watching one of the last episodes of the lastest season, it came in just as the credits were rolling and suited the episode nicely.  I Shazam’d it and voila!

TIghten Up – The Black Keys Groovy new tune from their latest album called “Brothers”. Pretty funny video, too.

Skinny Love – Bon Iver This whole album (well, all the basic tracks) was recorded in a cabin, in the Michigan woods, in the middle of winter; not to mention on some really old recording equipment (Thank you, iTunes). Well done, I’d say.

Go It Alone – Beck Makes me wonder if there are any artists Jack White wouldn’t collaborate with.  He plays the bass line for Beck in this funky tune.

The Deep End – Hannah Georgas The only thing that may ruin this song for me is listening to 100.5 the Peak, because they like it as much as I do. And that means one thing: potential radio death.

My Third House – Kings of Leon A great tune that should have made the cut for their album Because of the Times, but failed and is now another lost B-side. Until now!

What To Say – Born Ruffians Did not like this song the first time I heard it.  Until the very end.  Then I was hooked and now enjoy the entire song.  One of the catchiest songs I’ve heard this year.

Blessed Breeze – Fruit Bats Liked this song from the first spin of their wonderful album Ruminant Band.  I love the groove they break into at the end of the song while repeating “Be the one who will do what thou wilt, who will do as you please”. (Plus, how often do you hear ye olde english in music these days?)

Destrokk – MGMT Don’t know what it is about this song, but whatever it is, it does it for me. Perhaps it brings back the memories of seeing them live…

Ziggy Stardust – David Bowie I always liked this song but never listened to it much until I was discussing with a friend about how I thought Bowie was overrated. I mentioned this as being one of his better songs, along with Changes, and All the Young Dudes, and Space Oddity. And I’m Afraid of Americans… Ok, he has some good songs.


~ by DR on July 31, 2010.

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