Music in the Media & Tunes o’ the Week!

Every month or so, there are several songs that become staples in my music catalogue that I must listen to at least once per day, and usually more.  The great thing with music is that there is always new music to be discovered, so even if I were to listen to these songs say, 30 times a day, I could always find new songs to listen to.

With all the media in our faces and our ears these days, we are exposed to such a vast selection of music, almost whether we like it or not.  For example, I was watching the trailer for the new film with Drew Barrymore and Justin Long called “Going the Distance” and in the middle of the trailer was a song I knew and that I liked.  The only problem was, I couldn’t figure out who it was.  I had heard it on my radio station of preference, no doubt, but obviously didn’t make any effort to determine the artist.  As it turns out, after much searching, the song is called Harold T. Wilkins or How To Wait For a Very Long Time by a group named Fanfarlo out of England (**You can purchase their entire 12-track album on iTunes for $7.92, a smokin’ deal considering each individual song is a cost of $1.29 each).  I don’t know if I would have made as big of a stink over a song in a movie trailer had I not heard it on the radio a few times, too.

That’s just one example of music showing up in media all around us.  There’s also that beer commercial (I think it was Molson Canadian) that played continuously throughout the recent Olympic games broadcasting.  You know the one.  It’s the commercial with the guy holding a beer as he is basically floating through parties and scenes and puts his beer down on a counter or pool table and the beer floats along those surfaces at the same speed he does…?  Well, the commercial wasn’t exactly fantastic (I still will never buy Molson by choice) but the song in it was kind of catchy.  I now hear it on the radio as well and ends up it’s a song by canadian group The Stills called I’m With You.  Not my favourite song again, but another interesting music-in-the-media scenario that got my attention.  I think I ended up Shazam-ing that song while the commercial was on (if you don’t know what Shazam is, don’t worry about it)

Anyway, back to the matter at hand.  If you are at all interested in some good songs, take a listen to some, or all of the tunes here.  I know I quite enjoy them.  Would like to hear some feedback and also perhaps some songs that you, the reader is listening to constantly!

Dog Days Are OverFlorence + The Machine Yet another example of music in the media as this song is on the trailer for Julia Roberts’ new movie, Eat Pray Love.  I didn’t hear it there, I heard it on 100.5 the Peak, but you get the idea.

Heart and Hands Vince Vaccaro Vancouver Island boy who is a fantastic singer/songwriter, love this one.

The Hair Song Black Mountain If you want to hear what a modern-day Led Zeppelin would sound like, listen to this.  There is clear Zep inspiration, as the name of the band is the name of an old Zep tune (well, Black Mountain Side to be exact..)

Ten Thousand WordsThe Avett Brothers Another brilliantly simple and honest song by Seth and Scott Avett.  Wonderful lyrics, inspiring acoustic guitar playing and perfectly subtle organ truly hits the spot.

Let It Happen Jimmy Eat World Not a new song, but with their upcoming new album this fall, I was listening to some of their better songs off their most recent album Chase This Light and this song really sticks out as one of the best by far.  I love the intensity of the chorus; J.E.W. in one of their best moments.

Do yourelf a favour and listen to a few of these tracks, if you don’t know them… or even if you do!

~ by DR on August 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Music in the Media & Tunes o’ the Week!”

  1. The beer in question is Alexander Keith’s IPA, but that spot definitely had a Molsonesque quality to it. I saw The Stills open for Sam Roberts at The Orpheum a while back, it doesn’t really come across on their records but their drummer is unbelievably good. % solid picks, keep ’em coming!!!

    • Thanks Scott! It definitely reminds me of a Molson commercial, but I was clearly mistaken. The Stills have an “unbelievably good” drummer? That’s VERY hard to notice from the 2 or 3 songs of theirs I’ve heard. How is their album? Good to know though, I will check them out if I ever get a chance! Glad you enjoyed the songs!

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