Congatulations, You Don’t Suck

A few days ago, it was reported that MGMT were getting a fair bit of heat from their major record label Columbia for their latest album, Congratulations.  The label reportedly advised the duo that their next album had better be on the same level as Oracular Spectacular, their debut album which was a huge success all over the world.  Said album spawned huge hits such Electric Feel, Weekend Wars, Time To Pretend and Kids, the latter receiving a Grammy nomination.  Apparently, MGMT‘s latest album was not up to snuff for Columbia.  The album did not receive the critical acclaim or sales success that their debut did.  It has been dubbed as “sucking”, in fact.

Personally, I’m a fan of the group and of most of the work they have done, including their EP Time To Pretend which is chalked full of great songs that never made it on their debut, Oracular Spectacular. If you listen to this MGMT and begin with this EP and move on through their catalogue to Congratulations, you will see that the band had evolved.  The EP was, for the most part, a lo-fi, edgy, acid trip of an album. Oracular Spectacular met the attention of the masses due to it’s overwhelming catchy, pop/techno tunes and the odd, yet interesting music videos that accompanied them.  Then they dropped Congratulations, which many would agree was quite experimental and a shift in focus from their last two efforts.

But different doesn’t always mean bad, or “sucky”.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve written a few blog posts based on my dislike towards the evolution of certain bands, but I don’t mind this change.  With some very interesting tracks, such as Flash Delirium, Brian Eno and It’s Working, I find myself enjoying this new venture.  Albeit, I don’t enjoy the whole album…

If you haven’t yet heard much from their latest album, Congratulations, just take Oracular Spectacular and combine it with some B52’s and some other zombie surf rock and there you go.  Ok, maybe it’s pretty odd, but as I said before, still good just different.

Either way, with the heat MGMT have been getting from their label, don’t expect the next album to sound much like Congratulations but more like the songs that made them world famous.  Well, either they’ll change or they’ll be finding a new record label…

What do you think of the new MGMT? Let me know! If you haven’t heard much yet, click on the links below and give my your opinion!

MGMT – Congratulations

MGMT – It’s Working

MGMT – Brian Eno

~ by DR on September 30, 2010.

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