Here’s $10 Million, Now Quit Playing!

When you think of pop-punk garage rock with witty, catchy lyrics combined with four geeky dudes, you think….Weezer, right?  Well, maybe back in the 90’s.  Weezer’s debut album left many, many fans wanting more.  The album spawned several hits that many would argue are still their best songs, such as Undone – The Sweater Song, Say It Ain’t So, and who could forget the classic Happy Days video for Buddy Holly?

Well, if you have legally purchased Weezer’s self-titled, debut album, you are being called upon to donate $12 to a cause: pay Weezer $10 million to stop playing music.  If you click on the linked previous sentence, you will read about how people who used to love Weezer are wanting to pay them to stop making music.  They may have a point, because Weezer only put out 3 albums between 1994 and 2001, but have since released 5 albums, including 3 in the last 3 years.  All of which are allegedly quite poor in musical quality.

I know I used to be a Weezer fan.  I even enjoy their 2005 album, Make Believe.  With the exception of the song We Are All on Drugs, the album is probably Weezer‘s best since Pinkerton. But this is simply my opinion.  Since that album, however, I have not had much interest in anything they have done.  I still respect frontman Rivers Cuomo but also kind of wish this would all end.  Or at the very least I wish for a lengthy hiatus where the airwaves would be free of Weezer songs that were whipped up in five minutes, and contain 3 chords.

But hey, that’s just me.  We all have our beefs.  And apparently the guy who started this “Pay Weezer to Quit” campaign has a really big beef.

Of course, not all would agree and I’m sure many would love to continually have a new Weezer album come out each and every year.  Nevertheless, this all begs the question of “If not Weezer, what band and/or artist would you pay good money to quit making music?”

Think about it: what artist/band would be a motivation for you to really raise some money so you don’t have to hear their music anymore??  I know this is silly because there are much more serious things we should be raising money for, but imagine bad musicians were the only issue we had in this day and age, who would you pay?

Weezer wouldn’t be my first.  And I will gladly start the list off:  Nickelback.

~ by DR on October 7, 2010.

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