Thanks! + Tunes o’ the Week!

Well, it’s already November.  2010 has been an interesting year in music, and a true growing and learning experience for me.  I have been so fortunate to discover some great new bands, artists and the like thanks to iTunes, 100.5 the Peak FM, random Facebook suggestions and most important of all, the readers of this blog!  Without you, the readers, I would not have been introduced to the Avett Brothers, The Swell Season, Born Ruffians, Horse Feathers, Blitzen Trapper, Bloodsimple, Manchester Orchestra, and many others!  So I would like to say a big “Thank You!” to the readers and for those who filled me in on what I should be listening to, if I wasn’t already.  I just want to encourage everyone to keep it up!

I know I just posted yesterday (check it out here if you haven’t yet!), but it was my first post since mid October and I want to make up for a little lost time, so here’s a long-awaited edition of Tunes o’ the Week.  If you haven’t read one of these before, it’s simply a list of 5 to 10 songs that I’ve been listening to quite a bit in the last week/month, and that I’d love to share with everyone, if they haven’t already heard. So, here goes: (as always, click on the song titles for links to the songs on YouTube)

The Arkells – Oh, the Boss Is Coming! I love the intensity that begins in the first line and flows right through the entire song; would love to see these guys live. (Cool acoustic version on Q Radio here)

Tokyo Police Club – Bambi Bring on the keys!  I could listen to this as an instrumental alone, but the lyrics, although not flashy definitely add a little more intrigue to the tune; just wish it was longer..

Feist – I Feel It All I already enjoyed this song enough to learn it on the geetar, but then I saw the video: pyrotechnic mastery! A must-see, if you have not yet seen it. While you’re watching, just think, it was all done in one take.

Library Voices – Haunt This House Great synth, great melodies and splendid lyrics. What more could you ask for? Lazers? Well have a listen and you will also hear lazers. (This link brings you to their CBC Radio 3 band page, click the green play button for this song at the top of the list!)

Malajube – Luna If you were wondering what language this song is in, it is indeed french.  You know, that other canadian language… Regardless of the language the lyrics are in, they are very singable with a nice melody and cool beat!


Hope you check out the tunes and enjoy!



~ by DR on November 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “Thanks! + Tunes o’ the Week!”

  1. Hey Dylhoon! A couple more bands to check out…(All That Remains) is one of my faves these days and…(Scars For Life). Get ready to headbang!!

  2. Hey Dylan,
    Thanks for sharing, I’m always on the hunt for new music too. Such a great feeling to stumble upon something new and fantastic, pretty amazing how much good stuff is out there that never gets airplay while so much, ‘not so great’ music gets played over and over again. Music fans need to keep spreading the word and bring the good stuff to the top of the pile, where it belongs! Keep up the great work!
    Mel x

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