Twitter & Tunes o’ the Week!

Goodness gracious, it’s Friday!  And you know what Friday means if you are a Twitterer (is that what you call it?): it’s #FF (Follow Friday, thanks Scott)!  There are a few things with social media that I find rather addicting and now Twitter has joined the ranks of Facebook and the like.  If you’ve never tweeted, you wouldn’t understand.

Writing this blog has been, and will be, that much easier/better/more interesting for me because I now follow just about every band and/or artist that has a Twitter account.  What good is this? Well, they post on Twitter their thoughts, ideas, music, photos and suggestions.  Not to mention the fact that sometimes they will answer a question you ask them…. not that I asked.  Twitter has allowed many companies to get their message and name out there at zero cost!  If you have the internet, away you go! With the music industry, this is a very important tool.  I am “following” and have been “followed” by several bands that I have yet to even hear one song from, but because they have taken the time to follow me and see what I post on Twitter, I care about their music that much more, even if I don’t know any of it.  Smart? I think so.

If you are in a band that has any kind of website, myspace, or anything and want to get heard, get on Twitter (and follow me: @Dylan_Redekop).  This step alone won’t get you famous, but it is a big step in the right direction when it comes to promoting your band.

Anyway, with the excitement of new music in the new year already nipping at my ears, I am going to do the first edition of Tunes o’ the Week.

Bright Eyes – Shell Games Conor Oberst is back in the Bright Eyes game with this latest single off of their forthcoming album The People’s Key; and I gotta be honest, me likey.

Surfer Blood – Swim This was one of the tunes released for free back in the fall, and I wasn’t digging it at first, but man it has grown on me; with reverb-drenched vocals and grunge-era guitar tones and an interesting bridge/interlude, this one is tasty!

Octoberman – Run From SafetySome nice folk work by Octoberman (aka Marc Morrissette) and his posse, adrift with harmonicas and distant horns, Morrissette’s rather unique voice fits in just right with the mood of this song; plus, the line “As long as we run from safety, we’ll find our way out here, maybe” is enticing advice.

Mother Mother – The StandThey’re back! This little band from Vancouver has released a highly anticipated single from their upcoming album Eureka! which will drop March 15. If you don’t like what Mother Mother has done in the past, you may still like this song, it’s that catchy.  Oh, and witty!

Dire Straits – Money For NothingGet your fill while you can, because you won’t hear this song for a little while on Canadian radio.  Yes, Canadian Radio Broadcasting has banned this song until an edited version that doesn’t use the derogatory term ‘faggot’ is used.  Obviously, Mark Knopfler didn’t mean to be derogatory when penning this tune, and in England, that word means something else, but we are indeed in Canada and this word is used all to often in a demeaning and hateful way.  Sorry, Mark!


~ by DR on January 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “Twitter & Tunes o’ the Week!”

  1. My dad introduced me to bright eyes awhile ago! Great stuff! And dire straits is just a classic.

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