Season of Concerts & (reformatted) Tunes o’ the Week!

‘Tis the season! Nope, not that season, it’s the beginning of concert season and it is upon us!  I’m not really sure what it is, likely my exponentially expanding music library, or the fact that I’ve been increasingly listening to radio stations such as CBC R3 and 100.5 the PEAK, but it already seems like there are going to be that many more great shows this year.

And it’s only January!

Now, when I’m talking about concerts, I’m not necessarily referring to large, expensive shows at Rogers Arena, the Pacific Coliseum or BC Place.  I’m talking about the smaller venues.  The less expensive shows that won’t drain your wallet dry of all forms of liquid cash in a single purchase.

Take Vince Vaccaro at the Venue, January 27th, for example: $14.00! Or if Vince isn’t your deal, you can hop on over to the Commodore and check out Interpol that very same night!

Or you could go and see Dan Mangan at the ACT in Maple Ridge on February 12th for $35, or $30 for students.  Even if this seems a little expensive, consider that the ACT in Maple Ridge only holds a 500 person capacity.  That’s a pretty intimate show with a very talented musician!

The great shows don’t stop there!  February 18th sees Montreal’s Plants & Animals come to Vancouver’s amazing Commodore Ballroom with opening act –wait for it– Yukon Blonde! You can check out that great show for a measly $25.80.  That’s cheaper than taking a date to a movie and buying a tub of popcorn.

Even Toronto’s Born Ruffians are venturing to the west coast on March 12th to play a show at the Rickshaw Theatre for $16.  Dig through your couch cushions and vehicle ashtrays and I’m sure you’ll find enough change to buy a ticket for this show, it’s gonna be that good and that cheap!

Ok, I know I’ve omitted a few shows but I’ve only so much room (and time) to write this post.  This list is a good start, but you can always check out the websites of great local venues such as the aforementioned, as well as the Media Club, the Vogue, Orpheum, the Centre, the Red Room, etc, etc.

Moving on to the Tunes o’ the Week, I’d like to re-format the list this week, and perhaps keep the theme going.  Tunes o’ the Week will now contain these categories, (unless I receive lots of negative feedback):

Fresh Tune — A brand new song from the artist of choice who has very recently released a new album or single

Oldie But Goodie — Something classic from the vault (60’s, 70’s and 80’s)

Abosolutely Indie — An essential indie rock track from recent history or years back

Leading Ladies — A must-hear tune from an artist or band with a female vocalist

Brutally Honest Track — In your opinion, is this song trash or is it smokin’? I need your feedback!

So, let’s get this new format started: (remember to click on the titles for the links to the song)

Fresh Tune:

Zeus – KindergartenWith members of Zeus backing acts such as Jason Collett, and being associated with acts such as Bahamas and The Golden Dogs, there’s no doubt that there’s some hype for Zeus’ debut, full-length LP Say Us, to be released in February 2011. According to iTunes, the band has a ” part British Invasion throwback [sound] mixed with 21st century indie rock, with a hint of heartland twang”.  But hear for yourself!

Oldie But Goodie:

The Brian Setzer Orchestra – Sleepwalk (Instrumental) — If Brian’s licks can’t lull you into a comatose state where you can’t do anything but nothing at all, well… you may be drinking too much coffee.  Listen to some beautiful horns, tasty upright bass, and melodious Gretsch-tone riffs to caress your ears and leave you wanting just a little more.

Absolutely Indie:

Lady of the Sunshine – Home Sweet Home Another song to leave you in almost a trance-like state.  If not on the first listen, then the second go-round of Angus Stone’s falsetto and tranquil guitar playing will leave you in musical peace.

Leading Ladies:

She and Him – Don’t Look BackFor those who don’t know: yes, that IS the actress Zooey Deschanel singing with M. Ward on guitar. If this video is too “cutesy” for you, just minimize it and listen to the song.  If you did that, I would probably call you crazy though, because Zooey is pretty cute doing the ’60s bop.

Brutally Honest Track: (remember to give your feedback on this song!)

Deerhunter – HelicopterWell? What do you think? This song is part of an album that was critically acclaimed in the independent music circles as the “Best Album of 2010“.  Be brutally honest, whether you love it or hate it! (This is a rainy-day type of tune, so picture a dreary Sunday morning with the rain pelting the window panes of your apartment, it helps)


~ by DR on January 23, 2011.

8 Responses to “Season of Concerts & (reformatted) Tunes o’ the Week!”

  1. hate to dampen your enthusiasim, but for me they were all ‘sleepers’, especially Deerhunter

  2. m. ward has been a fave for a while. I’m still trying to get used to zooey d, all I can picture is her in elf! They are great together though, really good combo.
    LOVE LOVE LOVE lady of the sunshine. How can you not like anything by angus or julia stone.

    • I have to admit that I haven’t had the chance to give M. Ward a fair listen. Seems there is so much good music out there that it’s all battling for my ears’ attention! Same thing with Julia and Angus Stone. I haven’t heard much from them, however, I really enjoy Lady of the Sunshine and that particular track, so I have a feeling I’d enjoy their stuff. Any particular song recommendations?

  3. Hey Dylan,
    Great blog. Just checking in for some new music ideas. Do you know a song that is a little bit blue grass/indie and uses a banjo, they play it on the Peak and the chorus has lyrics with “home” in it, but it is not edward sharp. Any ideas?

    Keep up the great work!!!!


    • Hey Al! Thanks so much for checking out the blog! I believe the song you are looking for is from the amazing Ontario band Elliot Brood! The song is called “The Valley Town”. I might be wrong but check out this blog post: and click on the bolded “Elliot BROOD – The Valley Town” half way down the page.
      Sorry if it’s not the right song, but that’s the only one I can think of matching your description pretty closely. Let me know!

  4. I absolutely have suggestions! They are all really good, there isn’t any that I don’t want to skip. But if I had to pick some to suggest I would start with these..
    from the Down the way album: for you, santa monica dream, yellow brick road, and the boys, walk it off, and my fave the devils tears.
    a book like this album: here we go again, wasted, bella, soldier, and hollywood.

  5. Julia Stones album the memory machine is also really good!

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