Spring Is Here… and so is PEAK Performance Project 2011!

Ah, spring.  It has finally arrived here in the lower mainland of beautiful BC.  It’s almost time that we begin driving with our windows rolled down and let the wind mess up our hair (for those of us who still have any) and the hardest decision we have is what to music to listen to while driving to the beach…

…I may be getting ahead of myself.  We’ve got a good 3 months before any of that is reality.

However, the ever-so-slight increase in sunshine and minimal decrease in rain that this new season brings us not only indicates that summer is eventually approaching, but perhaps more importantly, it’s almost time for the 2011 PEAK Performance Project.

What’s the PEAK Performance Project, you ask?  Good question.  The PEAK Performance Project (PPP) is a music project/contest hosted and funded by Vancouver radio station 100.5 The PEAK and Music BC.  If you’re in a music project, band, or you’re a solo burgeoning artist, you need to enter your music into the PPP.  Why?  Because 100.5 The PEAK and Music BC select a Top 20 out of all the entries they receive and these 20 artists/bands are showcased for the next 6 months SOLID on 100.5 The PEAK.  Not only will your music get showcased on the radio to thousands of listeners, you will also be afforded the opportunity to play live (likely several times) during the project.

This is all fine and good, you say.  But what’s the real incentive? Well aside from the fact that the Top 20 also get to go to a musical version of Boot Camp (yep, Band Boot Camp! Pretty awesome, right?), there is major money to be won.  As of last year, the top prize was $100,500! This prize went to the artist known as Kyprios.  Second place received $75,000, which went to Said The Whale and third place received $50,000, which singer/songwriter Vince Vaccaro took home.

The project is entering into its third year and I couldn’t be more excited.  In the previous two PPP’s, fantastic talent has been showcased.  In the PPP’s first year, the enviably gifted We Are the City took home the top prize of $150,000, but perhaps more importantly, they made a name for themselves and have amassed a fantastic following of fans thanks to their music and personalities.  Runners-up Bend Sinister and The Left also saw the contest boost their popularity and following, as well as radio play.

What the PPP does for its winners is quite clear, but even for those who weren’t fortunate enough to win the big prizes, the benefits of this project for any of the Top 20 is pretty obvious.  If not for this contest/project, I’d be all the more in the dark as to what great up-and-coming bands are out there as would many others, I’m sure.

BC has some amazing talent and I know that this third year of the PPP will, no doubt, be phenomenal.

So! If you’re in a band or you’re a solo artist who’s music is in the vein of what 100.5 The PEAK plays (or even if it’s not), submit your songs! You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Visit the PPP website for even more information: http://peakperformanceproject.com/

If you aren’t a musician but love discovering new, up-and-coming bands and artists, I highly recommend checking out the Top 20 artists when they are announced in May.  Also, do yourself a favour and check out the Top 20 from last year’s project, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s little taste of the quality of talent, as well as diversity in music genres and stylings that the PPP has dished out over the years:

We Are The City – Happy New Year

Said The Whale – Gentleman

Bend Sinister – Time Breaks Down

Kyprios – City Woman

Steph Macpherson – Best Of Us

Adaline – Chemical Spill

Vince Vaccaro – Heart and Hands



~ by DR on March 27, 2011.

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