We Are The City, Aidan Knight @ The Red Room, Vancouver, April 2nd 2011

If you’ve ever been to the Red Room on Richards, just off West Hastings in downtown Vancouver, you’ll know that the name is a bit of a misnomer. Especially if you’re there at night. You have to look closely to see the red on the ceiling because, man, it’s dark in there.

Aside from the venue misleading me (not really sure why I was expecting a night club to be decked out in fire-engine red…), a few other things did, too:

  • Analog Bell Service opened: as a trio, for the last time (?!?), quirky, eccentric, super-groovy at times, super-odd at others; would really like to know the name of either their second or third tune, it was fantastic; great energy, either way.
  • Neither placing in the Top 5, nor winning the PEAK Performance Project will afford you proper roadies, as was the case with both Aidan Knight (placed 5th in 2010 PPP) and We Are The City (1st place in 2009 PPP), who had to set up, and even worse, take down their own equipment before and after their sets.
  • Jasper is about as up-tempo as it gets with Aidan Knight. He has a lovely backing band with a small horn section, keys, strings, female harmonies and a part-time percussionist, and I don’t know what I was expecting but I was hoping for a little more energy. It seemed like he just saved it all up at the end for Jasper.  My bad for not coming prepared.
  • The Red Room actually had some great between-set tunes going with Imaginary Cities’ Hummingbird, We Are The City‘s Happy New Year and a really awesome instrumental tune between Aidan and We Are The City’s set that I am humming right now and know that I know it but can’t figure out where it’s from and it’s driving me absolutely mental.  Please send help. For some reason I think it’s on the Napoleon Dynamite soundtrack. Gah!
  • We Are The City are fantastic live.  Just the thought of being a member in their 3-piece with all of their tempo and timing changes freaks the crap out of me.
  • Andrew Huculiak is the phenomenal drummer for We Are The City. He also sings lead vox on Dark/Warm Air. Crazy talent.
  • On that same note of musical ambidexterity, Cayne McKenzie (lead vocals and keys for WATC) can also play guitar, as he did in their encore. Slick.

It was a fun evening with my posse of ladies, me being the only male in the pack of five females.  I was the purse-holder and drink-fetcher, but I didn’t mind.  I also met a few friends I’ve only known online via Twitter and had a brief chat with Tariq Hussein of Brasstronaut, another popular Vancouver band.  Recapping the night, I enjoyed myself and was happy to see one of my female compadres get a few fun photos with Aidan Knight, as was her goal for the evening.

A lovely evening and neat show, can’t wait for the next West Coast pop show with Yukon Blonde, Sun Wizards and Redbird!

Until next time,



~ by DR on April 4, 2011.

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