New Music Review: Redbird – We’re All Friends and Lovers Until It Falls Apart

Even in only 6 songs on this debut EP, Savannah Leigh Wellman along with her band, Redbird, delve into sounds and lyrics that could span a lifetime.  Wellman may only be in her 20’s but the wisdom and depth of her words sound as though they’re borne from a lifetime of experiences and moments.

The music ain’t too shabby, neither.

That is actually an understatement as Wellman has a beautiful voice which anchors the albums general sound and attitude.  Her vocals are reminiscent of a gentler Liz Powell (Land of Talk) mixed with a little more twang—in a good way—and drizzled with melted butter.  Is that enough imagery?  If my lack of descriptive words don’t do justice, you really should just listen to Redbird to get the jist of what I’m trying to say.

When you promptly click on the link a the bottom of this review, the first song you’ll listen to is the solid-yet-dreary Therein Lies the Gery.  This is the introduction to We’re All Friends and Lovers Until It Falls Apart, and the introduction to John Sponarski’s (Portage & Main) perfect Tele guitar tones, which are smattered all over the EP, most notably in the opening track as well as No Game and In The Hands of Ghosts.  The latter is also the most rock’n’roll tune on the album and it just might be my favourite.  With a pulsing rhythm section, some pretty melodies and those fantastic guitar tones and licks—not to mention a stellar, yet all-to-brief solo—it makes me wonder if this is the niche that Redbird would be most suited.  

But then to close off the 6-song EP comes Oh Please My Heart, and the real conundrum begins: where does this band belong?  They rock awesomely with In the Hands of Ghosts, but Oh Please My Heart is indie folk at it’s very core, banjo and all.  The answer is that Redbird are just fine where they are.  The EP is mixed with up-tempo rock, moody ballads and fine indie folk and that’s the perfect recipe when concocted properly.  


Although this is only a little taste as to what Savannah Wellman has up her sleeve, her band, Redbird is on the right track and I look forward to their next indulgence.

(Thanks for affording me the opportunity to review, Sav!)

Check out Redbird‘s website here:

Check out Redbird‘s bandcamp (free sampling) page:





~ by DR on August 25, 2011.

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