PEAK Performance Project Showcase, Night 5 @ Red Room, Vancouver, Oct. 6, 2011

Rococode working the final set of this year's PEAK Performance Project (photo courtesy of Christine McAvoy)

This past Thursday was the final evening of five amazing evenings of the PEAK Performance Project showcase series.  20 amazingly talented bands have been working extremely hard on honing their craft over the last 5 months to prepare for these shows, so it’s no wonder that they are so entertaining to watch.  This particular evening featured the likes of Lindsay Bryan, Maurice, 41st and Home, and Rococode.

To begin the evening, we were introduced to the beautiful and talented Lindsay Bryan.  Lindsay is from that big island off the shore of Vancouver, as a lot of PPP contestants are, and she showed us how islanders have a good time.  As I’ve only heard her tune, Skyscraper, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from Lindsay, but her set was solid with a good mixture of up-tempo tunes along with a few slower ones.  It was nice to hear more from the talented singer-songwriter from the Gulf Islands and I particularly enjoyed her Vancouver 125 song, Mainland.  It was also fun to watch Lindsay transform into a total front-woman when she put down her guitar and grabbed the mic to serenade the crowd to a rockin’ tune I (unfortunately) didn’t catch the name of.

Once Lindsay had finished her set, another Vancouver Island brother hit the stage with his talented posse, simply known as Maurice.  Maurice is fronted by lead singer, guitarist JP Maurice, who is brains of the operation.  He’s also one talented son-of-a-bitch (pardon the low-brow term).  JP’s vocal range is very impressive and is likely best exemplified by his stellar cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s Dreams, which has become nothing short of legendary amongst his peers, and now his fans.  Another tune that stood out that I can only assume is called Sellout, was nothing short of boot-stomping, guitar-riff madness, and I quite enjoyed it.  Even if Maurice doesn’t win this contest, he has talent that will carry him and his musical aspirations to wherever he wants to go.  

The epic 41st and Home followed Maurice with a barrage of epicness [please note that I will overuse the word ‘epic’ in this paragraph].  To add to their epic set, each band member had their faces adorned with paint, as did many of their fans in the audience.  Fronted by Thom Kolb, 41st and Home displayed many reasons why they deserved to be in the Top 20 once again this year.  Unfortunately, I had not seen them perform in last year’s PPP but have only heard great things about their improvements as a band and as performers.  They captivated the audience with epic musical crescendos, tempo changes and musical intensity that is likely best heard in the intro to their hit Gorbachev.  My favourite part of their performance was when they played Wilderness Eyes as it’s as much fun as a campfire sing-along but with all the more epicness.  One question is left for me to ponder regarding 41st and Home‘s set: will they ever write/perform a song that is under 4 minutes in length? It’s tough to be epic in only 4 minutes, so probably not. Great set, nonetheless.

To close off the very last set of the PEAK Performance showcases of 2011 was the enigma that is Rococode.  Co-led by talented multi-instrumentalists Andrew Braun and Laura Smith, and backed by popular rhythm section Johnny Andrews and Shaun Huberts on drums and bass respectively, Rococode have only been an official “band” for a little over a year.  They’ve also only released a couple of singles to tease the masses.  It’s fair to say that I was most excited for their set, as I have been a fan of the band since the first time I heard Weapon back in the spring and had yet to see them live.  

They didn’t disappoint.

Both of their singles Weapon and Empire sounded even better live; however, I’m pretty sure my new favourite song is Ejay.  This track, in my opinion, took down the house.  Laura’s sampler solo fit the the tune perfectly and the “Bennie & the Jets” rhythm made it next to impossible not to stomp your feet and bob the ol’ noggin.  Considering the immense talent pool in this year’s project, it really is anybody’s game.  Even if Rococode don’t break into the Top 5, their stage presence and solid, clean performances alone will no doubt get them noticed.  

The winnings of $100,500 wouldn’t hurt, either.

My next review for the PPP will be after the final project-ending gala on November 17th, where the winner of 2011’s PEAK Performance Project will be announced.  If you haven’t voted for your favourite band/artist, go here and do that: (you only get one vote)



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  1. Vote for Lindsay. She is a fabulous singer!!

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