PEAK Performance Project Finale & Tunes o’ the Week!

And then there were 3.

The über successful PEAK Performance Project (PPP) is coming to a close this Thursday at the Commodore Ballroom in downtown Vancouver with a performance from the top 3 finalists: The Boom Booms, Current Swell, and the Matinée.  The annual project consisted of 20 bands/artists from BC who were selected in May from over several hundred entries.  Reaching the Top 20 status in the PPP is becoming a highly coveted spot to be in for bands and artists in British Columbia.

It could be argued that even more important than the potential $50,000, $75,000, and $100,500 winnings (for 3rd, 2nd and 1st place, respectively) is a combination of band exposure and knowledge gained.  100.5 the PEAK is becoming more and more recognized as a major radio power, and steadily gaining all sorts of listeners.  With their frequency changing in mid-2012 to 102.7FM, the PEAK will have an even more powerful frequency that will reach further across the province of BC and further into the United States.  All the more reason to get your band in the PEAK Performance Project Top 20 next year!

Are you wanting to check out the PPP finale this Thursday night at the Commodore Ballroom, and still don’t have tickets? Well, you’re SOL as the tickets are sold out. BUT – the PEAK will be streaming the entire concert live on their website.


So – Tunes o’ the Week time:

Holy crap on a cracker.

I think it’s been close to three months since my last Tunes o’ the Week segment, so I’m not even going to doddle here.  Gotta get straight into what’s going on.

Here’s the problem when I don’t update Tunes o’ the Week: I want to crash your computer with a serious abundance of awe-dropping tunes. But to keep the tunes to more of a minimum—and to keep your attention—I’ll whittle it down to 10 tunes, which is still twice the amount of a typical Tunes post.

**CHECK IT: (Spoiler alert: there’s a good chance several of these tunes will be on MoreThanAFeeling Music’s Top ___ of 2011)

The Pack AD – Sirens

These hard-rockin’ ladies from Vancouver are causing quite a stir in the local rock scene, and are getting some well-deserved attention nationally.  Take a listen to the riff-laden Sirens and find out why these gals are getting some serious rotation on rock stations across Canada.


Vandervelde – More Than You Can Feel

David Vandervelde tickles all of my fancy with this one. I think it’s a combination of: crisp guitar tones; a synth line that feels like it’s straight out of the ’70s; alt-country lap steel, and dreamy vocals that has me so in love with this song.  Definitely one of my favourite tunes from 2011. (This was a RCRD LBL free download, people – get on this website!)


The Belle Brigade – Losers

A quarter of the way through 2011, Paste Magazine put out their 25 best songs of the first 1/4 of the year. This song was number one on that list, and as much as that’s a lot to live up to, I can see why.  It’s lyrically honest and very compelling, the music carries that honesty through, and—let’s face it—the music video is pretty damn cute.  The Belle Brigade are brother and sister Ethan and Barbara Gruska from California.


The Balconies – Serious Bedtime

This young trio out of Ottawa showed up on my email doorstep via a press release.  I am so glad I uploaded their EP from said press release as it is supre tight! Especially for a 3-piece. Their Kill Count EP was released a few weeks back and this track, Serious Bedtime, is re-produced on the EP sounding even better than it does in the above video. (If you find yourself judging the tune negatively by its video, just minimize this page and listen!)


Fast RomanticsCool Kids

Another Ontario-based group getting all sorts of recognition, and for good measure. This tune, Cool Kids, was featured on the hit TV series Vampire Diaries, and it’s kind of like tossing Springsteen, The Beach Boys and Sam Roberts into a blender and taking a big swig. (If you like this track, check out their tune Pretty Strangers – also solid!)


Grouplove – Tongue-Tied

This song is so catchy and addicting. It’s terrible. But so good. Kind of like the marijuana brownie the dude in the music video eats. That’s how he got shirtless, as you’ll find out. Mmm mmm. Delish. The song, not the brownie.


The Tune-Yards – Gangsta

This music video was my first introduction to the Tune-Yards, and this song.  Needless to say, I was instantly intrigued – by the wardrobe alone.  I could’ve uploaded the actual music video for this song, but thought you all should see the raw talent and imagination involved in looping and dubbing one’s vocals live. Not everyone’s cup-a-tea, but so cool!


The Black Keys – Lonely Boy

Just when you thought you’d heard the last of the Black Keys for a while—BOOM—they’re back! This track maintains that Black Keys sound you’ve come to know and love, but with a little less soul and a little more rock. One of their most driving tunes to date!


Thrice – Words in the Water

I was a little hesitant to download this song from RCRD LBL, as the last I had heard from Thrice was All That’s Left in 2003, and I wasn’t a huge fan. This song, however, is matured, melodic, beautiful, deep and stellar. Check out the lyrics, too. [The track kicks in at 0:43 seconds, FYI]


Zeus – Are You Gonna Waste My Time?

One of my favourite throwback bands, along with the Sheepdogs, Zeus is coming off a very successful album, Say Us, and this tune is the lead-off single for their unreleased record.  It’s very tasty and pairs well with a Heineken, friends, and a dancefloor.


~ by DR on November 14, 2011.

4 Responses to “PEAK Performance Project Finale & Tunes o’ the Week!”

  1. Those are some great tunes! Thanks for sharing, some are new to me 🙂 Love new recommendations. Also, I love Thrice!

    • Thanks Jess! Glad you enjoy(ed) 🙂 Hopefully you can find a few gems in there.

      As for Thrice, I had ignorantly written them off many moons ago, but then they came out with this tune. I was pretty blown away!

  2. Probably the best tunes of the week yet, at least for me. But not a fan of Thrice.

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