The death of a people’s musician: RIP Randy Ponzio

Bruce Randall "Randy" Ponzio (photo via: Vancouver Sun blogs)

Randy Ponzio of the Quest Poetics was found deceased last night [Nov. 20th, 2011]. His body was found by Vancouver police in a downtown east side hotel room, and the death is being called ‘suspicious’, although there were no visible signs of any trauma.

The only time I saw Randy Ponzio perform was this past summer at Shore 104FM’s Song Search showcase at the Biltmore in Vancouver.  Randy and his band played fourth of a five-act line-up that evening.  He and his band put on a very energetic and upbeat performance and were one of the highlights of the night.  Randy was a solid frontman and engaged the crowd with every song.

Randy wound up winning the Shore 104FM Song Search out of a talented batch of musicians from BC, which also consisted of recent PEAK Performance Project finalists, The Matinee.  At 35, Ponzio was following his musical aspirations, working hard making music and producing acts such as rap artist Shad.  As of this past Tuesday [Nov. 15, 2011], Ponzio went out and did not return home after been seen at the Keefer Bar in Chinatown.  A missing persons report went out on Thursday morning, but sadly, he would not return.

Although the cause of his untimely death is unknown and many questions still loom, there’s no doubt that Ponzio was a true humanitarian:

Over the past two years Randy Ponzio has steadily been recognized for his unique sound which at its core is pop and soul with hints of reggae. Randy’s intense lyrics and soul-stopping voice are the medium to deliver his message of hope and humanity in his music:  

Much of Randy’s music comes from the humanitarian work Randy has done in places such as the Philippines and countries in East Africa. Prior to starting his musical career he traveled to the Philippines where he established a birth clinic and feeding program for pregnant mothers and malnourished children that is still in operation. He has also traveled to East Africa to work with children there, and was in Kenya in January 2009 where he witnessed first-hand the post-election violence the country suffered.”Randy Ponzio’s Bandcamp page

The world has lost more than just a talented musician and producer.  It’s lost a friend, father, husband, and humanitarian.

A donation fund to support Randy’s family in this difficult time has been set up on a website here:

Rest peacefully, Randy.


~ by DR on November 20, 2011.

6 Responses to “The death of a people’s musician: RIP Randy Ponzio”

  1. I am from Dawson Creek and went to that show at the Biltmore that you also attended having been down there for an appointment. I watched him walk around and support all the acts, mingle with the crowd and just be a BIG personality and presence. I enjoyed all the acts and although his style of music was not my favorite, he was a captivating musician. I am saddened to hear of this. I hope his family realizes that he impacted many people.

    • Thanks for this blog. I am not only a fan of Randys, but a close friend. He is one of the most sincere, beautfiul people I have had the chance to know…and yes, his parents know how many people he has impacted. They have decided to bury their boy here in Vancouver. That says alot from a family from El Paso…they know that Randy loved this city, and that this city loved Randy. HI stock was on the rise..with a new EP coming out in the next short while. RIP Randy Ponzio…You are a LEGEND!

      • Hi there
        Is there any news of his last days? I have been trying to follow the updates but there have been few. I get defensive when people speculate… drugs, rival band jealousy, mental illness…people just love drama. I hope as a friend of his you are comforted by the outpouring of love on his FB page and at the memorial… the photos of his children brought me to tears.. poor little ones…please keep me updated if possible. Peace to you.

      • Hi Tracy,

        I haven’t heard any updates as of yet. Cause of death (as far as I know) is still unknown. It’s all a very sad situation. I’ll do my best to keep you updated.

        Thanks for the comment,


      • The police (to my knowledge) won’t be releasing the cause of death due to the continuing investigation…which is why there have been few updates.

  2. I never got the chance to meet Randy . But we worked on music over the internet and phone. He gave me the courage and confidence to push my original material forward and start recording it. I miss him and love him. I know that sounds weird, but he really made you feel like you had been friends your whole life.

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