New Music Review: Rococode – Guns, Sex & Glory

Rococode - Guns, Sex & Glory

It’s time to shake up the classic album review!

But first: the album I’ll be reviewing is the brand spankin’ new one—and first full-length effort—from Vancouver ‘super-group’ Rococode called Guns, Sex & Glory.  This album was about one year in anticipation, and even more so after the band was showcased in the Top 20 of the PEAK Performance Project.  They’re hitting the road this winter/spring as well, and may most likely be playing a venue near you!

As far as album reviews go, they can often be bland and full of descriptive words that force many to clamour for their nearest copy of Merriam-Webster’s English dictionary.  If this is happening to you, surely you’re not reading this blog.

Either way, in order to avoid this—and to spice things up a bit—I’ve taken on the latest internet craze (?) of “live tweeting” an album in form of a review.  What is this, exactly? Well if it sounds lame, it kind of is.  But it’s a shake-up and a way to keep things kind of fresh.  I’ll compose one tweet per song in a brief, yet concise message.

On with the review! If you are unfamiliar with the parameters of Twitter, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • You can only type 140 characters per ‘tweet’
  • Hashtags (#) are used as a symbol you place in front of a word in order to create a searchable item
  • Twitter is full of spam tweets, so these tweets will likely go relatively unnoticed

Ok, let’s do this: MoreThanAFeeling Music’s Live Tweet of Rococode’s Guns, Sex & Glory: 

Concentrate On Me’ is the best song I’ve ever heard that is under 1.5 minutes. Also a fantastically effective album opener #RococodeGSG

Empire’ follows suit and builds on the brick wall of awesomeness that track 1 began. A super catchy riff and terrific lyrics #RococodeGSG

Bloodwouldn’t sound out of place on a Mother Mother album, filled with big drums and quirky noises. Still very Rococoded tho #RococodeGSG

Ghost I & II’ is an aptly-named, eerie piece filled with an assortment of strings, male/female vocals and a driving kickdrum#RococodeGSG

Weapon follows the same format as Empire in that it’s a brick wall of solid sound. Indie ROCK at it’s best defined #RococodeGSG

Dreams is a jangly nightmare—in the best way. Lyrically scary and musically jangly. And features some fun clapping, too!#RococodeGSG

Concentrate on You– a reprise of Concentrate on Me. Broken down. Bare bones. Guitar. Voices. Only 40 seconds. Beauty.#RococodeGSG

Death of a Payphone carries a cool groove over a great question “Where have all the lines gone?” Lyrical & musical intrigue#RococodeGSG

TINA blends Laura and Andrew’s vocals beautifully and builds to the waltz-y chorus crescendo. Strings and magic, purely.#RococodeGSG

Guns, Sex & Glory = title track. Piano, Andrew’s voice, weird noises, a slow relatively quiet closer. That’s a wrap! #RococodeGSG

So there’s the album.

A few post-live tweet thoughts:

  • Variety keeps me coming back for more from this Vancouver super-group
  • The title-track may be a little bit slower than I would have liked to hear, but you’ve gotta keep people guessing, I s’pose.
  • I was rather disappointed to find that Rococode’s first tune they ever wrote as a band, EJ, was not on the album; it’s one of my favourites and a crowd-pleaser at any show
  • Just weighing in at a hair over 32 minutes, gives the album a minute per song average of nearly 3 minutes per tune; hoping for more material on the next album as this one leaves me wanting more!

Find all you need to about Rococode on their website, or visit their bandcamp site to stream (and hopefully purchase!) all of these great tunes I’ve been talking about: Rococode Bandcamp


~ by DR on February 8, 2012.

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