Friday Night Rant about Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live may not be the sketch show it used to be, but my wife and I continue to watch it on a weekly basis.  To be honest, we still find several of the sketches quite humorous and always enjoy Weekend Update with Seth Meyers.

And of course, being a music nerd, I’m always curious to see who is playing musical guest on SNL.

SNL’s history of musical guests have been about as diverse as you can imagine, hosting everyone from Ashley Simpson to 2pac to Bon Iver to Aerosmith to The Honey Drippers. It seems almost as though executive producer Lorne Michaels et al. play Wheel of Fortune when selecting their musical guests. And yes, that ‘Bankrupt‘ piece is still on the wheel.

Either that or they just close their eyes and point at a spot on the billboard chart.

Last week while watching SNL, I was pretty jazzed to see Zooey Deschanel was hosting the February 11th, 2012 episode as I’m a fan of hers (she’s so hot right now).  The musical guest displayed under Zooey’s name was Karmin, a singer, I assumed, whom I had never heard of.

In anticipation for the show, I went on Youtube looking for a song by this mystery performer simply known as Karmin and found this:

Ok, so this song is a cover of that supreme asshole Chris Brown‘s tune Look At Me Now.  In fact, they do a lot of covers.  Add: Super Bass, Pumped Up Kicks, Party Rock Anthem, Someone Like You, etc etc etc.  The duo’s talent in mimicking other artists is clearly noted, but this is what qualifies someone PERFORM on SNL?


Some readers may think I’m being a snob to “alternative” forms of music, but hold on a minute:  SNL has featured bands and artists like Nirvana, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Levon Helm, Katy Perry and Miles-freaking-Davis, and although they are not all my style, I can respect what the do and how they do it.  To throw what I believed to be a glorified cover band on the show is—to me—a little too far.

At least Lana Del Rey became popular virally with her own music, however good or bad you think it is.

But that brings me to the main point: is this the world we live in where Youtube hits equal deserved success?  When is Rebecca Black scheduled to perform on SNL? I know the days of gold records are gone and success comes in all forms, but Karmin has yet to release an original album, aside from a 4-song EP and a few cover tunes.  I guess I shouldn’t be too hard on them as they’ve clearly found that rather large niche of fans who enjoy this type of music and performance.  I mean, it got them on SNL, right?

It could also be argued that SNL has long lost their dignity when it comes to musical guests, raising the rhetorical question of “Who cares?”  That may be the most sane way to approach this issue…

Nevertheless, am I being too hard on Karmin?  Is SNL to blame for slotting these “artists”?

If society didn’t eat this stuff up, there’s no way an act like Karmin would be performing on international television.  So maybe society is to blame… but if society enjoys this and I don’t, then maybe I’m the problem? And so are people like me who are too stuck in their own heads and don’t open their hearts, minds and ears to good music of all shapes and sizes.  People like myself who have narrow tastes in music and don’t know real talent and entertainment value if it kicked us in the ass.

Well if you read this blog from time to time, you may be one of those closed-minded music snobs, too [sarcasm implied].  I think it’s time we open up our eyes and ears and accept music of all forms:

  • “When’s the new Justin Bieber album coming out,” we’ll ask as a newly transformed and enthusiastic collective.
  • Rebecca Black is hosting AND performing on SNL this week,” we’ll shout with glee upon receiving such news.

Not me. Suit yourselves.


*DISCLAIMERIf you enjoy Karmin and their music, please don’t be offended by my post. Truthfully, I had their song stuck in my head the next morning and they do possess talent.  I just felt that my blog had lacked opinionated rants, so I had to pick on someone/something. I’m still not a fan of this band/duo thing or whatever Karmin is, but don’t respect anyone any less for enjoying them.

~ by DR on February 17, 2012.

9 Responses to “Friday Night Rant about Saturday Night Live”

  1. haha if anything you went too easy on them dylan. that girl’s voice is straight-up nasty. she’s so nasal and wtf is that thing on her head? it looks like a dead squirrel

  2. I am so cool that I sing original stuff in the shower.

    I think covers are cool if you are showcasing an AMAZBALLS voice otherwise I think people need to prove that they can write and compose.

  3. ** amazeballs

  4. From what I’ve read the songs she was singing on SNL WERE their own original songs. I didn’t think they were that great compared to the covers she’s done but at least it was original

  5. well said

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