New Music a’Plenty: Feb. 28th, 2012

I didn’t have any intention of writing a post today but after scanning through the recently-released/available-for-preorder albums today, there’s a post just begging to be written.

So here goes: (I’ll try to make it quick, concise, and informative—and full of oxford commas)

The imminent return of one of Canada’s biggest bands in the late ’90s has returned with their original name: Big Wreck.  Although the line-up may be a little different from the albums that brought you Ladylike, Under the Lighthouse, The Oaf (My Luck is Wasted), and my personal favourite That Song, the sound is similar.  Most notably perhaps, a smidgen less “Nickelback-ish” than singer Ian Thornley‘s two albums under the moniker, Thornley.  You can pre-order the 11 song LP on iTunes now, for $9.99 or wait for purchase at your local record store (hahahaha) when the album is officially released March 6th. Here’s the first single, Albatross, if you have not yet heard it.

If you are any kind of die hard indie music fan, you are more than likely aware that Montréal’s Plants & Animals are dropping their 3rd full-length studio album called The End Of That.  You are also likely aware that the day that album is dropping is TODAY. Yep, 13 brand new tunes. Today. I’ve streamed the album and must tell you as a self-appointed authority on music opinion, that it is effing amazing pretty dang good. Really trying to contain my enthusiasm, here. But you should really listen for yourself:



That little band from Ireland that sort of knocked our socks off in the early/mid-’90s is also back.  The Cranberries have released their first album in… a long time, called Roses.  I have yet to give it a fair listen but after a quick sample, it’s akin to what you’d expect from the band but with a matured sound.  Tracks Losing My Mind and Schizophrenic Playboy seem to be the most interesting songs upon first skim.


The terrifically talented and equally hipster Ontarians, The Wooden Sky, have also released their brand new LP Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun. You can snag the entire 14-track album on iTunes for $9.99 today. Chances are it’s pretty puuurrrfect for these chilly, grey late February days. Here’s the opening track:




Lastly, the always interesting Fanfarlo have released latest effort, Rooms Filled With Light, a 12-song effort through Atlantic Recording Corporation.  The UK 5-piece broke out into the indie spotlight in 2009 with their debut Reservoir which featured hit single Harold T. Wilkins, or How To Wait for a Very Long Time.

Happy New Music Tuesday!



~ by DR on February 28, 2012.

One Response to “New Music a’Plenty: Feb. 28th, 2012”

  1. Thanks for the intro to some of the new and old for the month.
    Good way to start the day

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