Joel Plaskett & David Vertesi @ The Vogue Theatre, Vancouver, April 14 2012 [Guest Post]

Hello music friends of MoreThanAFeeling Music! My name is Rochele and I’m pleased that Dylan allowed me to cover the Joel Plaskett and David Vertesi concert at the Vogue Theatre last Saturday. To kick things off, I had quite the fan girl moment before the show:

Most of what I know of David Vertesi is from the band Hey Ocean! whom I really like and it was good to experience him on his own. He was accompanied by Andrew Rasmussen on the keyboard, and he provided some back-up vocals for a few songs. David loosely suggested that the venue was so intimate that he could host a Q&A session. Consequently he was asked why he wasn’t wearing a V-neck shirt to which he responded, “My mom dressed me.” I love it, it made me laugh. I also learned that his favourite dance move is the shoulder shimmy. Musically, it was my first David Vertesi experience and the highlight was his jazzy rendition of the Spice Girl’s Say You’ll Be There followed by his last song, in which the lovely and very talented Hannah Georgas joined him on stage and for Mountainside.

And then there is Joel Plaskett, who rocked the ever-beloved Canadian Tuxedo. Is anyone surprised? I loved his dancing puppets which he affectionately called his Rock and Roll Monkeys, activated by foot petal. There was also a Wayne Newton bust, and I know I’m not alone in my disappointment that it wasn’t animated, too.

WHY DIDN’T WE GET UP AND DANCE?? A question I asked myself every song. Are we all so self-conscious that we don’t want to be the first ones to get out of our seat? The guy puts on a killer performance and we sat in our seats for 80% of the show. Ridiculous!

Easily one of the best shows I’ve ever seen, he has energy and vocals for days. At nearly two hours, every moment was energetic. He started with a song off his new album Scrappy Happiness and continued with his long standing hits. Joel adds some commentary to his songs, sometimes in the middle of them. Although most of the show he had his band, my favourite song was, Love This Town which he sang alone. Joel equated this song to the last night of the tour, as it is always the best of the shows. Most of the audience sang with him and I appreciated that he didn’t change the lyrics about hating his experience in Kelowna. Bold move, I like it. In the solo set my one and only disappointment was Nowhere With You. I really wanted that song to have a strong, East Coast sound and instead he slowed it down and performed with just his guitar.

He played with a number of guitars, switching them frequently. One point in the performance had Joel lying on the floor on his back with his guitar, and he promised that had never happened before. He’s eccentric, but it bodes well for his stage presence. He makes such awesome music and he’s entertaining, it’s obvious why he’s selling out shows across the country.

His latest album is Scrappy Happiness, you should check it out!

The set-list:

  1. You’re Mine
  2. Deny Deny Deny
  3. Tough Love
  4. Waiting To Be Discovered
  5. Heartless Heartless Heartless
  6. North Star
  7. Harbour Boys
  8. Let You Down
  9. Love This Town
  10. Face of the Earth
  11. Nowhere With You
  12. Lightning Bolt
  13. Work Out Fine
  14. Through & Through & Through
  15. Maybe We Should Just Go Home
  16. Extraordinary
  17. I’m Yours
  18. Rollin Rollin Rollin
  19. Come On Teacher


~ by DR on April 20, 2012.

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