Super Shins Vinyl Spin Giveaway!

Have you ever found yourself sitting in your uncomfortable office chair in a monochromatic office where the only splash of colour is the fake green fern sitting in the corner, all the while wondering what could possibly brighten up and add a dash of excitement to your bland work day?

Well wonder no more!

It’s a new day, it’s a new May, and it’s time for another MoreThanAFeeling Music giveaway! For the month of May, MTAF will be giving away not one, but TWO VINYL copies of The Shins brand new album, Port of Morrow, courtesy of With A Bullet promotions!

All you have to do is one of two things to be entered into the draw to win one of these fabulous records:

  1. Share this post on Facebook and be sure to “Like” MTAF’s Facebook page so you can ‘tag’ us in the post.
  2. Tweet a link to this post on Twitter, or retweet one of my tweets with this post link in it. [If you do the former, be sure to include @dylan_redekop so I see that you’ve tweeted the link]
Feel free to comment below, but that won’t get you in the draw this time, folks. It’s all about spreading the love of obnoxious music blogs in May!
Also, an unfortunate note to my beautiful American/international readers: this is a CANADA-only contest. I’m not shipping the albums, so I don’t get the say in it. Mucho apologies!

Last month’s winner came out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, so if you think you’re too far from Vancouver to enter, that’s a load of hogwash.  Just be sure you own, or are in the process of acquiring, a record player if you enter the draw!

Since there will be TWO winners selected, this will a month-long contest, but it also ups your odds of winning a free record.

Good luck!

And….. go!



~ by DR on May 1, 2012.

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