The PEAK Performance Project 2012: Prediction Edition

With the announcement of this year’s highly anticipated PEAK Performance Project right around the proverbial corner (June 5th), I have concocted a MoreThanAFeeling Music list of who I predict, as well as who I’d like to see in this year’s Top 20.

(Please Note: I’m only making personal assumptions/aspirations these bands and artists applied for the PPP, unless denoted with **, meaning I’ve been informed they did indeed apply)

  1. Dominique Fricot – Already being on regular PEAK rotation bodes well for those who’ve entered the contest in the past (see: Said the Whale, Vince Vaccaro, Current Swell); oh—Dom’s also quite talented, which doesn’t hurt.
  2. Headwater – An up-and-coming folk rock band from the lower mainland whose track Your Love may be enough to see them make a Top 20 spot.
  3. Portage and Main – These alt-country, hairy, harmonizin’ boys would have a spot on this list, if I had my way; having recently opened for The Dudes at the Vogue, they’re well on their way with or without this project—but the PPP exposure definitely wouldn’t hurt.
  4. Dear Rouge** – Indie pop rock with shades of last year’s Top 20, Rococode, this husband-and-wife fronted group could definitely earn a spot in the Top 20 with their tune Love Is a Trigger
  5. Mercy Years – Some great West Coast indie rock, male/female leads, swirling melodies; good stuff.  Really good stuff, actually.
  6. Sidney York – Considering this orchestral pop band now has permanent residence (I think) in BC, this should be a no-brainer… Should be.
  7. Good for Grapes – Another no-brainer: being selected by Mother Mother to open for Mother Mother at Commodore should also bode well.
  8. Brasstronaut – I’m pretty sure I’m getting a little too “out of genre” for the contest, but if the PEAK played experimental jazz rock, and if these talented dudes applied, they would be in the Top 20.
  9. Maurice** – A re-entry for the Vancouver Island musician should see him return to the Top 20; a year older, a year wiser.
  10. Jordan Klassen – Another artist formerly on PEAK regular rotation will likely see Klassen in the Top 20, if he entered…
  11. The Oh Wells – I’m of the feeling that Sarah Jickling of the Oh Wells just keeps getting better and better in every way; I hope the PPP crew feel the same way.
  12. Beekeeper – Although a long shot due to Devon Lougheed’s… musical eccentricity, it’d be pretty awesome to see some Top 20 spots dealt to alt-indie rock outfits such as Beekeeper; I have no idea if they entered this thing or not.
  13. Keith William Miller** – Some more alt-country folk coolness; get out your dancin’, stompin’ shoes if he makes the Top 20.
  14. Old Mare – It would be great to see some Abbotsford talent to represent the valley.
  15. Real Boys – See above; also, see #12 explanation re: alt-rock. Their showcase would win for energy, I’m certain.
  16. Young Liars – Not sure if being signed to a label such as Nettwerk omits you from project entry, but if it doesn’t, these electro-pop rockers should be in the Top 20.
  17. The Belle Game – I would love to see/hear/watch more Belle Game this year; a re-entry should see them make it in.
  18. The Ruffled Feathers – Experimental chamber folk might be a little out of the PPP’s comfort zone, but based on about talent and likeability, Andrew Lee and gang deserve a spot.
  19. Fields of Green – I never got the chance to see this Kelowna-based piano-driven rock outfit; so yeah, come back!.
  20. Oh No! Yoko – Another year of maturity and—if I’m not mistaken—now of legal age, these boys may have the best shot out of Abbotsford bands—if Jordan Klassen didn’t enter, of course.
I’d also love to see Yukon Blonde in the Top 20, but I’m pretty sure they would rather be touring all summer/autumn long making all the money than staying put in Vancouver.  Plus, you want to give the other 19 bands a chance, right? Hah!
I know I’ve omitted a few other bands from the past few years, but there are a few I know for a fact did NOT re-apply this year.  Feel free to email me with any questions, or let me know if your band is on this list and you did not in fact apply, as I’ll remove you and toss in a few others.
Cheers, and happy May Long, y’all!

~ by DR on May 18, 2012.

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  1. Ali Milner! You guys better pick her.

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