Meet the PEAK Performance Project Top 20!

Well, well, well.

Yesterday, the 2012 edition of the PEAK Performance Project Top 20 was announced, featuring bands from around BC with a strong concentration in the lower mainland.  Back in May I made some predictions as to who would be in the Top 20 this year.  I nailed the first 4, and picked off 4 others in the Top 20, making me 8 for 20, which I was pretty impressed with considering I wasn’t entirely sure who applied and who didn’t (and who was actually eligible and who wasn’t).

This year is going to be incredible.  You’ve got a little bit of everything: from folk freaks Headwater to A.D.H.D. pop-punk trio Beekeeper to electronic rock group Facts to the alt-country delight that is Portage and Main

In the order announced on 100.5 the PEAK, I present to you the highly anticipated PEAK Performance Project 2012 Top 20!: (Click on band/artist to be directed to their website and music!)

  1. Dear Rouge
  2. Harpoonist Axe Murderer
  3. Jordan Klassen
  4. Redgy Blackout
  5. Georgia Murray
  6. The Tequila Mock Orchestra Tough Lovers
  7. Portage and Main
  8. Mike Edel
  9. Fields Of Green
  10. Dominique Fricot
  11. Headwater
  12. Ali Milner 
  13. The Gay Nineties
  14. Beekeeper
  15. T. Nile
  16. The River and the Road
  17. Alexandra Maillot
  18. The Fugitivies
  19. Facts
  20. Maurice

There you have it!

I won’t make any predictions on who’ll be in the Top 5 as of yet.  I have my favourites in this list, but I have yet to hear all the contestants so making that prediction wouldn’t yet be qualified.  If you want to check out this amazing list of BC talent, come to the Cloverdale Rodeo fairgrounds on July 1st where you can see every single band play for free.  Oh yes—Hannah Georgas and Sam Roberts will be there, too.




~ by DR on June 6, 2012.

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