So. Much. Awesome. — New Music Tuesday!

New Matt Mays, anyone? It’s only been 4 years..

Why so much awesome?

Because 3 or 4 of my FAVES have recently announced new albums! Coming out this year!

I recently found out that the gorgeous Hannah Georgas will be releasing her highly anticipated second LP in October.  The album is a follow up to the Juno/Polaris/WCMA nominated This Is Good, which she released way back in 2010. This was one of my Top 10 Things That Will Make or Break 2012 for anyone who was counting.. Looks like this will help make my year indeed!

The always-interesting The Antlers released a new tune yesterday that will be on their upcoming EP Undersea will be available in physical stores and imaginary stores alike on July 24th.

The Antlers – Drift Dive

I had almost given up on ever hearing a new Matt Mays record.  When it was announced a few years back that he had parted ways with El Torpedo, my heart broke a little more.  2008’s Terminal Romance saw Matt Mays + El Torpedo at their most creative (in my opinion) and unarguably at their most hard-rocking.  It was also my introduction to his straight ahead rock’n’roll genius, which beckoned for more Mays, which resulted in the purchase of a few more of his albums which I proceeded to eat for dinner.

A lengthy 4 years later, there’s finally some rumbling in the Matt Mays camp. In fact, there’s a new album announcement AND a new tune! The tune is called Take It On Faith and the forthcoming album is called Coyote. I couldn’t be more excited, you guys.

Matt Mays – Take It On Faith

Alright. Now I just found out yesterday evening that Band of Horses are also going to be releasing a new album in September! Only like, 2-ish months from now.  This is some phenom news as the BOH are one of my faves and I’m curious to see which way they go after the under appreciated Infinite Arms release back in 2010.

Lastly, it came to my attention this morning that the folk rock genius Avett Brothers are finally releasing a follow-up to their hugely successful 2009 release I and Love and You.  The new album will be called The Carpenter and is ALSO coming out in September, on the 11th, to be exact. That is going to be one effing crazy good month.

Check out Seth and Scott Avett’s new tune Live and Die on NPR’s Summer Music Sampler along with a whole whack of other awesome upcoming releases HERE.

Wow. This all makes up for the disappointing Shins record.. but I’ll save that rant for another day.


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