Canada Day in the Park: PPP Top 20, Hannah, and Sam!

Well hello and a happy Friday-of-a-long-weekend to you! Since I wrote my Econ exam I thought was tonight last night, I wrangled up some time to write a quick post before work.

Formalities out of the way, whatchu doin’ July 1st? Going to church (it’s a Sunday, remember)? Going to a parade?

Sounds like fun, but after you do all those things, come on down to Cloverdale Millenium Amphitheatre in Surrey!


Because starting at 11am, there is plenty of awesomeness to be experienced!  Bring your kids if ya got ’em as there’s a kids show going on at 11am, there’s motocross, carnival food(!!), bouncy castles and lots more.

Did I mention that this is a free admission event?

All that is fun and good, but you’ll see ME at this celebration for the following 3 reasons in no particular order:

  1. The PEAK Performance Project Top 20 showcase
  2. Hannah Georgas
  3. Sam Roberts Band

The PPP Top 20 will be starting at 2pm sharp with the first band, frantic rockers Beekeeper starting off the 6.5 hour marathon of talented musicians! You really don’t want to miss them, or any of these bands, for that matter. I’ll be hanging out at the PPP merch tent, so come say hi and buy a CD/shirt/hug (hugs aren’t free, but they’re cheap)!

Here’s the line-up for the PPP Top 20 stage(s):



Oh yeah, I mentioned Hannah Georgas and Sam Roberts Band, too, didn’t I? They’ll be on the Chevron Main Stage at 7:30 and 8:45, respectively. It’s gonna be a damn good day, rain or shine, folks. Come on down to Cloverdale!

Check out the best Surrey blog around for some more deets on the day and on what’s happening in Surrey in general:



~ by DR on June 29, 2012.

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