Angry Tunes: Chicken Soup for the Pissed-Off Soul?

Me, yesterday.

I got mad the other day.  I don’t normally get mad. I barely ever let anything get to me. Like, almost never. Once a year. Maybe.

So what pissed me off? You’d think that it was some kind of tragic injustice in the world; or maybe something near and dear was stolen; or worse yet, perhaps a friend or relative going behind my back and talking shit about my blog—serious stuff, right?!


None of those things.  I found out that instead of having only a year of school left, I have at LEAST 2 years to go. You see, after this fall semester, I only have 11 courses to complete for my degree.  That’s 3 medium sized semesters which would see me take about a year to complete.  No big deal. EXCEPT – I find out that a course that I planned on taking next semester—let’s call it ‘Asshole Course’— is not only offered once per year, it’s got a new PRE-requisite that I have not yet completed. If you do some quick math, you’ll realize that now I can’t take Asshole Course until January of 2014.  Not that big of a deal, but Asshole Course is also a pre-requisite for other courses I need to graduate, meaning no graduating for Dylan until 2015.

It’s all a complete mind-numbing brain fuck (pardon the angry lang-y).

So to cope with these indescribably frustrating issues, I threw on a loud, even ‘angry’ music playlist when I got home.

And I turned. It. Up.

With each new tune, my anger vented into the treble and I became a little more at ease, all the while moshing/head-banging in my kitchen and living room like my inner 18 year-old was trying to break out of this 29 year-old shell, in an effort to make sure I got all my pissed-offness out. It’s equally strange and intriguing how loud, angry-ish music can be soothing and actually therapeutic.  Cathartic, maybe.

I felt better. Although I’m still frustrated and will figure this whole university shit-show out one way or another, I feel better. If you’re curious as to what tunes soothed—as I’m sure you are!(…)—my angered soul, here they are:


  1. OblivionMastodon
  2. Chop SueySystem Of A Down
  3. Radio – Daniel Wesley [Ya, ya..]
  4. My SongJerry Cantrell
  5. GraduateThird Eye Blind
  6. BrotherPearl Jam [the sole instrumental on this entire playlist]
  7. Silvergun SupermanStone Temple Pilots [I ripped a face-melting air guitar solo to this one]
  8. Trying Your LuckThe Strokes
  9. Drain YouNirvana [easily my favourite Nirvana tune]
  10. Take It InSloan
  11. Hey YouThe Scorpions
  12. Fortune FadedRed Hot Chili Peppers
  13. Can’t Get It Out of My HeadVelvet Revolver [Electric Light Orchestra cover]
  14. I’m AmazedMy Morning Jacket
  15. Honky Tonk WomanRolling Stones
  16. Pennyroyal TeaNirvana
  17. No Real PainPriestess
  18. What It Is To BurnFinch [about as “scream-o” as I ever got]
  19. BloodPearl Jam
  20. Fix MeThe Doughboys [oh, early nineties rock..]

Sure, sure, these aren’t all loud, mean, pissed-off tracks, but my iTunes was on shuffle and this is what came on, one after the other.  And it worked, so bullocks.



~ by DR on September 11, 2012.

4 Responses to “Angry Tunes: Chicken Soup for the Pissed-Off Soul?”

  1. For an extra bout of HULK SMASH music, Limp Bizkit’s Break Stuff is the answer. Hope it works out.

  2. Awesome taste in music!

  3. S.O.B.
    You are a chip off the old block. That is exactly how I get my frustration out.I would have had at least 1 or 2 Led Zepplin tunes in there.
    Hope you can work this problem out

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