5 Songs You Just Might Like

Family of the Year’s Loma Vista EP is an American indie-pop gem

It’s been close to a year since I did a ‘Tunes o the Week’ feature.  I’m not exactly resurrecting the feature, but instead post a monthly feature called 5 Songs You Just Might Like.

It’s pretty simple: I like recommending music—an obvious assertion considering the blog’s general purpose—and I believe in music. I believe it can unite people. And thus, I write a blog for people who enjoy music; people who enjoy the search for new music they may not hear on the radio; people who will give a song a listen even if they don’t know the band/artist. This is why I write and this is how I search for music.

That being said, here are 5 songs. They are 5 songs that you may have heard. They are 5 songs you may never have heard. They are 5 songs I like and feel, given the chance, you could like them, too.


MS MR – Ash Tree Lane

Young Buffalo – Nature Boy

Family of the Year – The Stairs

Keith William Miller – Murder Mystery

Amos The Transparent – The Catch and Release

If you enjoyed any of these tunes, there’s a good chance you’ll like some more of their music. Click on each title to link directly to the band/artist’s website. You may even find some FREE downloads of some of these tunes… (hint hint)



~ by DR on October 15, 2012.

3 Responses to “5 Songs You Just Might Like”

  1. Liked MS MR and Family of the year.

  2. I had totally forgot about Amos The Transparent! How awesome you posted this. Now I get to go home tonight and dig through some of their music again! Thanks.

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