The PEAK Performance Project 2012 Top 3 Announced

And then there were 3….

One of my favourite radio stations–102.7 The PEAK—runs this little contest called the PEAK Performance Project every year. The winner of the project is awarded with $102,700, while second and third receive $75,000 and $50,000 respectively.

Today, the finalists for the chance to win $102,700 was announced in NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

The 3 groups will be performing as part of the project on one final night November 22, 2012 at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, where the grand prize winner and runners-up will be announced. Get your PEAK Performance Project Finale tickets (<–here!) for the big night at

Prizes were also awarded for 5th and 4th place, $5,000 and $10,000 respectively. The winners for those were:

5. Mike Edel

4. JP Maurice

Congratulations to all Top 5 finalists, looking forward to November 22nd—it’s gonna be a hot mess of a night.


But how is this thing decided?:

It’s not just based on showcases. A lot of the aspects of who makes the Top 5 and who eventually wins this competition are based on a lot of things the general public aren’t privy to.  Each band writes a lengthy final report, gives it their all at Bootcamp, at the showcases, and receives votes from the general public. All these factors (and likely a few others) go into selecting the finalists.  We, as fans of the project and of the bands, don’t get to see the results of this. We see their showcase and can hear their music, and possibly get to see a few excerpts from Bootcamp.

And what do I think? *removes blogger hat and puts on music fan hat*

My final thoughts on the project up to this point?  It’s hard to describe to be honest. If we’re being honest. I went to 4 of the 5 showcases and saw a majority of the bands perform on July 1st.  I’ve listened to a decent amount of each band’s music and I’ve spoken with many of this year’s Top 20.

This is why it’s hard for me to wrap my head around how bands who slayed audiences and arguably had some of the most memorable performances at the Red Room such as The River and the Road, The Fugitives, and Portage and Main—just to name a few—were not selected in the Top 5 (and I didn’t even get to see the Gay Nineties, Tough Lovers, Georgia Murray or Fields of Green!)

That being said, the competition this year was very stiff.  2 years ago, everyone basically knew the Top 3 was going to consist of some combo of Vince Vaccaro, Said the Whale, Aidan Knight or Kyprios.  Last year, it was hard to deny Current Swell of the Top 3, let alone Top 5, I heard rumblings from many people about the Boom Booms (sadly I missed their showcase) and I wholeheartedly believed The Matinée would make the Top 3; but this year… This year was a bit of a toss-up. I predicted a much different Top 5:

That prediction was based somewhat on showcase performance, but I made some behind-the-scene assumptions that clearly (except for Dom) were way off.  My own personal biased Top 5 would have seen Portage & Main, beekeeper, Dear Rouge, Tough Lovers and Facts all sitting pretty.  Yes, I have a particular camaraderie with several of these bands, but for the most part, the reasons for those selections are a combination of a pure love for their music and their showcase performances.  And that’s what would seal the deal for me.

I’m not here to say the Top 5 finalists are not deserving or are the “wrong” Top 5, I’m not here to say that at all and wouldn’t believe it if it were said to me. I’m just saying that these weren’t my Top 5 favourite. And I’m sure you have a different Top 5 than me, but that’s the best part about this project.

How much fun would it be if we all knew how it would end only right after it begun?


~ by DR on November 1, 2012.

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