Top 30 Tunes of 2012

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MoreThanAFeeling Music’s Top 30 Tunes of 2012


Just kidding, but seriously – December 21st is fast approaching. We get to soon find out if those Mayan’s were right or if they just ran out of room to finish their calendar. While you’re waiting on the world to end (or not), check out what could be the very last year of “Best Of” lists with MoreThanAFeeling Music’s Top 30 Tunes of 2012.

Let’s do this! (Click on the artist and/or song titles for direct links to videos!)

MoreThanAFeeling Music’s Top 30 of 2012:

30. beekeeper – Take Me Back (To the Place) — A little bit of loco-post-punk good-times rock from the fellers and lass of Vancouver’s beekeeper. Catch the Lana Gay chant in the outro.

29. Said the Whale – Big Sky, MT — Although I played this album to death in the first half of 2012, this tune still gives me the chills. Love all the flower references, and Ben’s voice is fantastic. And the video’s kind of heart-wrenching..

28. Sharon Van Etten – Serpents Something happened to Sharon Van Etten between writing her debut EP Epic and her 2012 LP Tramp, as she’s more dark and aggressive on Tramp. Serpents is perhaps the best example of this as the layered vocal harmonies set the somber mood and the driving percussion delivers the aggression.

27. Real Boys – Wilderness With band members from You Say Party! and Oh No Yoko, there’s no surprise Real Boys‘ self-titled EP is a solid debut effort. Not sure what it is about this tune, but likely the fact the chorus reminds of Nirvana. Shoe-in.

26. Fort Atlantic – No One Will Know Fort Atlantic is the [sort of] solo project by Jon Black. He writes nice music and this is the nicest example. Reeeaaaaalllly nice.

25. Mother Mother – Bit by Bit — I will arguably declare this the best Mother Mother track since O My Heart. Eureka lacked tunes in this vein, but The Sticks is riddled with gems.

24.  The Balconies – Kill Count This little trio from Ottawa played all over the countryside in 2012, touring with Big Sugar and Wide Mouth Mason, to name a few. This is a zinger of a tune from their Kill Count EP released early 2012. Big on the ’70s rock vibe, and I dig it. (Did I just write ‘zinger’?)

23. The Lumineers – Stubborn Love — Kind of a big year for this little American folk band—you know, being nom’d for a Grammy ‘n stuff. Ho Hey is great track that got killed by commercial radio of all formats, however this tune is more dynamic and more fun. And less killed.

22. Young Buffalo – Nature Boy — I could pull a douche-y, hipster-like move here and say that this song is on this list because it’s relatively unknown with just over 2,000 views on YouTube, but I’m not going to do that. This song is on this list because it’s catchy as hell and deserves to be heard and enjoyed by more people. So please, enjoy!

21. Kathleen Edwards – Chameleon/Comedian — Kathleen has an honest and witty way with words. Her no-bullshit honest wit may be what makes her music that much more identifiable and appreciated, or it could just be the fact that she’s damn good at what she does. Chameleon/Comedian is not a laughing matter, however, as she sings, “I don’t need a punchline.” A Canadiana beaut, right here.

20. Islands – This Is Not A Song — This song would actually probably find itself in the Top 10 if it wasn’t quite as depressing as it is. In fact, this whole Islands album is basically about a divorce, so….  Bummer City. Nick Thorburn’s love lost is our gain, (un)fortunately: “Seems a crime to be crying for this long.” Poor guy.

19. alt-J – Breezeblocks — This tune is weird and I love it. The music video is weirder and actually kind of disturbing and quite possibly the most appropriate song-video pairing ever.

18. Yellow Ostrich – Marathon RunnerThis tune is not only the New York trio’s best from their 2012 release, Strange Land, but it’s arguably the band’s best moment to date – hence it’s position on this list.

17. Fast Romantics – Funeral Song One of Canada’s best kept secrets? Not for long. This tune was released in 2012 as a teaser single for their forthcoming “untitled” album. So stoked for Fast Romantics’ 2013 album release!

16. The Wilderness Of Manitoba – Morning SunNot sure what it is about this track, but it’s kind of different and I love it. 

16. Family Of The Year – The Stairs — My new favourite California indie-pop band, and this is what I deem as their best, as catchy as Diversity may be. Throw a capo on your acoustic and learn this one, as I’ll be doing this holiday.

15. Jack White – Hypocrital Kiss — Jack fulfilled my 2012 wishes and released an album, and a solo album at that. It was tough to choose one single for the Top 30, but Hypocritcal Kiss is a prime example of why Mr. White is a genius. So I’m rolling with it.

14. Half Moon Run – Call Me In the Afternoon — Thanks to Metric for introducing myself (and many people) to this super trippy, bizarre, brilliant music video. It really is a must-watch. While the video is entertaining in its oddity, it suits the song to a tee. Easily my favourite HMR song, to date.

13. Hannah Georgas – EnemiesMy musical crush on Ms. Georgas kind of rages on with this track. My personal favourite from her self-titled sophomore LP. Lend her your ears and she’ll have your heart, folks.

12. Jordan Klassen – Call and Answer Not sure why I was late to the party with this absolute gem from Jordan Klassen. But I was, which makes for a pretty high placing on this list. Well, that, and the fact that its a tremendous tune and a highlight of the whole 2012 PEAK Performance Project.

11. Zeus – Strong Mind One of my favourite rock jams of the year, without question. Not enough describe-y words to describe awesomeness.

10. PS I Love You – Red Quarter — It was another toss up between this track and Sentimental Dishes, but since Red Quarter rocks out for about 2 minutes longer than Sentimental, I ran with it. These are seriously phenomenal jams for a tw0-piece, you guys.

9. Amos The Transparent – You Were So Right — One of the unexpected surprises of 2012, and really, just about every song on their album Goodnight My Dear, I’m Falling Apart is Top 30 material. Check it out (FOR FREE)

8. Yukon Blonde – My Girl — YB’s follow up to their self-titled was nothing short of fantastic and My Girl kicks the album off in the perfect direction. Pop-rock hooks, galore.

7. Hands & Teeth – Missing — Of all the songs on this list, this one is the ‘most played’ tune according to my iTunes, for 2 reasons: it’s been out since early, early 2012, and because it’s from one of the most dynamic, underrated bands in Canada. And because it rocks (okay, so there are 3 reasons..)

6. Alabama Shakes – Hold On — There wasn’t much Alabama Shakes did wrong in 2012; however, their only fault perhaps, was not submitting this version (click on title link) of Hold On to radio/publicity circulation, as it’s just a bigger, better version of their hit single. The rock revival is on! *Surprise to those of you who thought singer Brittany Howard was a dude*

5. Dry The River – New Ceremony  Earlier this year, I compared DTR to a combination of Mumford & Sons and Frightened Rabbit but I take that back because a band and song this good should be the benchmark. The word ‘epic’ may get thrown around too loosely these days, but I can’t help but feel New Ceremony is a close definition.

4. Plants and Animals – The End Of That — The title track to a magnificent album; it really was a toss up as to which P&A tune to put on this list, but this live version of the title track with Basia Bulat (see song title link) sealed its fate on this list.

3. Bahamas – Lost In The Light No words, just listen and feel all the feels.

2. Patrick Watson – Into Giants — There are no musicians quite like Patrick Watson, and he’s assembled a fantastic accompaniment for his 2012 operatic soundtrack Adventures In Your Own Backyard, where Into Giants is brought to life. To me, Watson‘s vocals are absolutely stunning, and this song not only showcases them, but brings light and colour to sound. Into Giants is like listening to a painting. Too cheesy? Just listen.

1. Wintersleep – In Came The Flood One of my favourite Canadian bands—or, actually, just favourite bands—released the stellar Hello Hum earlier this year with this, the lead-off single. I loved In Came The Flood the first time I heard it and a little bit more each time I listen. The lyrics are intriguing, the melody slays, and the time signature changes are perfection, and that chair squeak at the end of the very last cymbal crash at 3:29 gets me every time.  The rest of the album is great, too, but this song always ends leaving me wanting more. And isn’t that the calling card of a great song?




PS – Did you catch the fact there were two #16 placings? I made the list and then realized I had one too many songs and couldn’t choose which one to eliminate. It’s my blog and I can double-entry if I want to.

~ by DR on December 10, 2012.

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