MTAF’s Top 25 Tunes of 2013 – Thus Far.

Tough Lovers - Kids Go Out

Everyone likes lists, right?

The fun thing with music lists is that they’re completely subjective and rank is strictly based on the list-maker’s personal tastes. Unless it’s a list based on reader voting, and with my readership, a list based on voting could be a problem… That being said, I want to do introduce to you the 3rd annual MTAF’s Top 25 Tunes of 2013 – Thus Far. Good times, right? I’m excited. Let’s do this—but first—I must note a few points:

  1. The list may contain one or two LATE 2012 tunes unaccounted for on any of my Best Of 2012 lists.. (I simply missed these tunes and they were released late in the year, and I feel they definitely deserve the recognition)
  2. The “ranking” of these tunes is rather interchangeable, with exception to perhaps the top 10 tunes.
  3. It’s my list and I can cry if I want to.

Without further adieu, I present to you MTAF’s Top 25 Tunes of 2013 – Thus far:

  1. Tough Lovers – Kids Go Out — This song’s absence on rock radio is an absolute crime. It’s never absent from my ears.
  2. Biffy Clyro – Black Chandelier — Yep. Can’t help but taste the ’90s with these Scottish rockers. Drip. Drip. Drip.
  3. Wildlife – Born To Ruin — A neat surprise for me: Wildlife’s latest album. Listen to it.
  4. Born Ruffians – Needle — No accompanying words necessary.
  5. Local Natives – Breakers — I used to have to try to dig Local Natives. I don’t have to try anymore.
  6. Vampire Weekend – Diane Young — Don’t think I need to justify this in any way, at all, ever.
  7. Tom Odell – Can’t Pretend — This guy is something else. Do this now.
  8. Phoenix – Entertainment — Synth glory, that’s the story.
  9. The Strokes – One Way Trigger — Haters gonna hate?
  10. Rykka – Blackie — Thanks for this swanky, sweaty tune, Rykka.
  11. Fake Shark Real Zombie – Paint It Gold — Weird ass band name fronted by a bit of an egomaniac. Cool tune, bro.
  12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege — Aside from the album art, nothing about this song is sacrilegious.
  13. We Are The City – Baptism — Just. Uh huh. Moar pleeze.
  14. Foals – Inhaler — This video creeps the shit out of me. The songs does too, but still smokes.
  15. Tegan and Sara – How Come You Don’t Want Me — Oh, I want you Sara—I should be singing this to you.
  16. Wake Owl – Grow — EP released in 2013 but this tune’s been out for some time. Sue me. But listen to the song first.
  17. Acres of Lions – Bright Lights — Toss Gaslight Anthem and Japandroids in a blender and throw in Vancouver Island for seasoning. Tasty!
  18. Dinosaur Jr. – Entertainment (Phoenix Cover) — Keep turning tricks, J Mascis. If tricks were songs, and turning them meant more beautiful, sanctimonious covers.
  19. Little Green Cars – Big Red Dragon — “I’m not gonna wait for an ‘Oh My God'” –You won’t have to wait, folks.
  20. The Veils – Through the Deep Dark Wood — Yeah, please keep doing this, Veils.
  21. Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – We the Common — Banjo fun in a refreshing, non-Mumford way.
  22. City and Colour – Of Space and Time — Hate him or not, Dallas Green can sing.
  23. Waxahatchee – Peace and Quiet — Fun voice, crisp tune.
  24. Brave Baby – Forty Bells — Released on my b-day and has a silky, sexy outro guitar solo. So yes.
  25. Grounders – Grand Prize Drawl — On tour with Yukon Blonde right now. Bam!

There you have it. Happy Friday, friends.


~ by DR on April 5, 2013.

2 Responses to “MTAF’s Top 25 Tunes of 2013 – Thus Far.”

  1. Dylan…. I LOVE THIS LIST. Yep yep yep.

  2. LOVE this list.

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