10 Great Songs I Never Need To Hear Again

Some of you reading this probably never listen to the radio, and some of you reading this—such as myself—listen to the radio almost daily. For those of you who do in fact listen to commercial (or even non-commercial) radio on a relatively regular basis, are you finding yourself switching stations more frequently than you used to? Are you as sick of hearing the same Beck/Nirvana/U2/Sublime/Coldplay song as I am on a regular basis?

I don’t really get it.

I realize the choice radio stations I listen to have overlapping formats so many of the artists played on one station are played on others, but seriously—let’s get a little more creative. These radio stations seem to pride themselves on playing new music with particular programs on their respective stations showcasing brand new artists and songs almost daily. So why are dinosaur tunes like Smells Like Teen Spirit still being played so often? I know the song note for note, word for word. I never need to hear the damn tune again.

Blasphemous? No. In my biased and completely unprofessional opinion, the FM radio—with exception to the particularly perplexing “classic rock” FM formats—is a place for showcasing newer music. At least it is for the 4 or 5 local radio stations in my regular rotation. Yes, I realize I could just listen to my iPod, a CD, or nothing instead of bitching about this unimportant issue, but I’m caught in the crossfire of also finding new and interesting music on these stations.

Plus, I haven’t ranted on this blog for a little while, so…

I really could go on for a while here, but I’ll just get to the list. So here are 10 great songs that I never ever need to ever hear ever again. Ever. (If you feel particularly offended that one or more of your favourite songs are on this list, consider that I, at one point, really enjoyed these tunes, but thanks in part to the radio sucking every ounce of soul out of them, I just cannot take them anymore. Not another note.)

  1. Coldplay – Viva La Vida // I blame my previous workplace’s radio station for playing this song twice a day, every day for 2 years straight; still, I never want to hear the Joe Satriani rip-off of a song ever again.
  2. Nirvana – Lake of Fire/Smells Like Teen Spirit // Neither of these tunes ever need to be played anywhere ever again. Both great songs that have had their day—er, decade(s)—in the sun and have been fried beyond a crisp.
  3. Tragically Hip – Courage // This one kind of hurts because I still really enjoy the Hip. But no. Courage has made its way into my ears about six hundred times too many. Play just about any Hip tune but this one, pleeeeeaaase.
  4. Sublime – Santeria // The band that has benefited from the untimely death of its singer more than any other band in the history of ever? I’m gonna go ahead and say yes. Perhaps if Brad Nowell did in fact practice Santeria, we wouldn’t have to be subjected to this song anymore… Pardon my bitterness.
  5. Beck – Loser // I LOVE THIS SONG—I said, about 20 years ago. I’M SO SICK OF THIS SONG—I said, about 19 years ago. And yet it persists. And persists. And persists.
  6. Dave Matthews Band – Crash // NO.
  7. The Killers – Somebody Told Me // I could’ve almost put Mr. Brightside here, but somehow it has maintained the smallest hint of shimmer after almost 10 years. The former, not so much. Its shimmer has long faded. Enough.
  8. Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks // Unfortunately, this song got absolutely slaughtered by just about every radio format around in 2011. It’s the newest tune on this list to sour for me; I liked it a lot, for a brief period. 
  9. U2 – (insert ANY radio single here) // Sorry, not sorry.
  10. Jimmy Eat World – The Middle // This song was über-succesful in catapulting J.E.W. into rock stardom—12 long years ago! Hey guys, THEY HAVE OTHER GREAT SONGS.

I’d love to hear your feedback and find out what songs you may have once enjoyed but NEVER need to hear again. Hope this list was kind of fun for you. It was actually quite cathartic to write. Sorry again to any I’ve offended, but I’m even more sorry you still enjoy these songs 😉



~ by DR on April 12, 2013.

4 Responses to “10 Great Songs I Never Need To Hear Again”

  1. But your blog is called “More Than a Feeling”.

  2. You forgot Mumford and Sons. Yep, I said it.

  3. I am with Rochele!

  4. I think I could go without ever again hearing “wonder wall” by Oasis or pretty much anything by Green Day. Really fantastic songs for their time but well past their expiration date.

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