The Belle Game Keep Getting Beller and Beller

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(photo via

This is a quick post highlighting a band you should know about, if you don’t already. (Please note that the band has not asked me to do any promotional work for them, this is simply a fan-boy post!)

Fact of the matter is, Vancouver plays house with some of Canada’s most talented musicians. I know I don’t need to mention Mother Mother, Japandroids, Dan ManganYukon Blonde, Hannah Georgas, Said The Whale, or (most of) The New Pornographers as proof, but I just did. Surely, there are many more that need not be named, as I’ve made my point.

Another perfect example of the impressive potpourri of musicianship found in the raincity is The Belle Game. I was introduced to this good-looking group of musicians through the 2011 PEAK Performance Project as they were selected with 19 others to round out the Top 20. I’ve been following the band since and feel it my duty as a local music blogger to advise anyone who will listen/read/care that The Belle Game have a new album being released on Boompa Records on April 16th, 2013 (that’s like 2 days from now!!).

This post was inspired by their most recent single I just heard and fell in love with. It’s the best* tune I’ve heard from the band, it’s called River, and I’ve listened to it about 4 or 5 times while writing this post. This band is on their way to big things, folks. If you dig the tune, check out their new album Ritual Tradition Habit, to be released in like, 2 days!

Have a listen below, and if you like it, click the ‘download’ button for your own, free copy courtesy of the band’s official Soundcloud page.

*best: music taste is subjective, obviously, as I dub River as The Belle Game’s best. Agree or agree to disagree.


~ by DR on April 14, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Belle Game Keep Getting Beller and Beller”

  1. good call, I think I like it
    Lets see what the rest of the album is like

  2. She’s an amazing singer, wow. This is really good.

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