5 Songs You Just Might Like – Vol. 10(?)

Man Overboard (image via last.fm)

Man Overboard (image via last.fm)

If I’m not mistaken—and without double-checking—I’m fairly positive I haven’t posted a 5 Songs segment since Valentine’s Day some 3.5 months ago. My deepest of apologies, I’m sure you were able to curate a weekly playlist with the help of commercial radio and television soundtracking many of our lives. Good music seems to find a way into the spotlight these days (although some will likely contend this is not necessarily a good thing)..

If you are reading this segment for the first time, the premise is pretty simple. I pick 5 songs that I have been digging as of late, and sometimes throw in an older tune for good measure. The name of the series kind of says it all, as the selected tunes are songs I feel strongly that even the mildest of music fan would enjoy, and therefore, “you just might like them.”

Disclaimer: you may not like any of these songs.

So may I present to you the 10th(?) volume of 5 Songs You Just Might Like:

The Belle Game – River

Heathers – Circular Road

Man Overboard – Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

Paper Lions – Philadelphia

Wild Child – The Tale of You & Me


~ by DR on June 1, 2013.

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