Good For Grapes Release Stellar New Video

Good For Grapes

The PEAK Performance Project always seems to bring the out the best of every band that gets involved in it. This year’s Top 20 finds the young and talented Good For Grapes fighting tooth and nail with the other 19 finalists for one of those coveted final 3 spots. As part of this year’s project, each band has to create a new music video for one of their tunes, release it, and try to get as many views on YouTube as possible.

Just before the 20 bands hit the dusty road to Rockridge Canyon for their week-long PPP bootcamp today, Good For Grapes released their new music video for their resplendent tune Renminbi Tips. I don’t like to play favourites, but when a band reaches out on a personal level, puts out a compelling video accompanied by a great song, they’re making it awfully difficult not to.

I can’t imagine how hard this video would have been to shoot. Check it out:




~ by DR on August 22, 2013.

2 Responses to “Good For Grapes Release Stellar New Video”

  1. Good for Grapes are cool!

  2. So that guy had to sing backwards??.. Crazy.. They obviously have a lot more talent than just playing music. Great stuff.

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