The End of an Era? MTAF’s Final Post

They say all good things must come to an end.

In May of 2010 I was working in construction, in my first year of university, and devouring new music by the boatload. Not only was I listening to new music, I was constantly seeking it out in hopes of finding my next favourite artist. This blog was born out of this earnest passion and genuine yearning to spread the new ‘indie’ music gospel. I wanted as many people as possible to experience these acts that had rejuvenated my love for music.

When I started up MoreThanAFeeling Music Blog back in May of 2010, I was overwhelmed with the constant discovery of new fantastic music. At the time, I was 100% tuned in to 100.5 the Peak (now 102.7) who were monumental in shaping my new music tastes. New discoveries consisted of Yukon Blonde, Band of Horses, Tegan and Sara, Modest Mouse, The New Pornographers, Library Voices, Fruit Bats, and the list could go on and on. Leading up to these new discoveries, my music catalogue had become decidedly stale. My iTunes library was overflowing with Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, Guns N Roses, and Pearl Jam.. These are indeed great, legendary bands, but I was craving something new and fresh.

With this little blog that some of you have read here and there, I have had the chance to see some of my favourite acts for free (and write about them). I have had the opportunity to meet and interview some amazing people (Jeff Innes of Yukon Blonde, Hannah Georgas, Steven Page, Plants & Animals), and I’ve made many friends in the music scene, some working in it and some just loving the scene, just as I have grown to. I’ve also participated in various ways in the PEAK Performance Project by volunteering and blogging/promoting the project and its corresponding events. 

What I’m getting at is this blog has done more for me than I ever imagined it would when I started it in 2010. It has done about everything but earn me an income. In the past year, however, I have found my intense and focused passion for music has spread itself out to a few other passions such as personal fitness—running, in particular—as well as craft beer and the craft beer scene (and yes, fitness and beer can be combined interests). As these passions have grown, my focus on music, as well as this blog, has waned. I haven’t been nearly as inspired to write and create content, and I have lost some of the enthusiasm I once had for discovering and devouring new music.

With this shift in focus and wane in passion and after 195 blog posts, I am retiring MoreThanAFeeling Music Blog. This blog has done everything it can for me but I lack the time and the drive to continue it in a respectable and dignified way. My @mtaf_music Twitter profile is full of sports and beer tweets, with music-related tweets spread few and far between. That account has become misrepresentative of its content, so it will be changed also.

I’ll be forever grateful with all of the support from any and all of you who have read this blog at one point or another, and especially for the encouragement and feedback in my vulnerable beginnings creating this blog. I need to emphasize that although my passions have shifted, music will always be a part of my life, and I always welcome any music recommendations and suggestions via the social medias and even in real life, if you so happen to know me.

Again, thank you for your support, and for reading one last time.

Over and out.



~ by DR on December 28, 2013.

7 Responses to “The End of an Era? MTAF’s Final Post”

  1. They were great years. Best of luck moving forward.

  2. Awww, Dylan.

    Congrats on doing so well in the time being, and good luck in the future.

  3. Reblogged this on tiffanyshim and commented:
    Sad to know that this is the end.

  4. I’ve always been a big fan of this blog but I’m an ever bigger fan of you Dylan! Let’s have an IPA showdown soon!

  5. Reblogged this on WFLBC and commented:
    My buddy Dylan is putting his great music blog into retirement. I’ll miss it, but I know I’ll still see Dylan around this great city of ours.

  6. I came across your blog via WFLBC and I follow you on Twitter. Let the tweets about music continue on Twitter. Cuz I really need new tunes to listen to.

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