I’m probably a candidate for an intervention of the musical variety.

“Hi, my name is Dylan and I’m a music addict.”

“Hi, Dylan.”

I created this blog to share ‘good’ music. The thing with music, as with any form of art, is my perception of what is good may differ from yours. That’s why I welcome feedback, comments, suggestions, or even a respectful “You’re crazy,” every now and again.  I live near Vancouver, Canada, I’m married and I want to be your friend in music.

I’m currently in my 4th year at university, finishing up my business/marketing degree, and have recently begun a career in marketing at a local firm. I will still gladly accept your submissions, but there is a good chance I won’t have time to write about them. Apologies.

Follow me on Twitter: @dylan_redekop or ‘Like’ my blog Facebook page!

Check out my Tumblr page on an off-shoot of this blog, called more, thEn a feeling 

Cheers, and easy listenings.



3 Responses to “About/Contact”

  1. Dylan… It’s Jo(phryne) I knew Randy through you…. You disappeared from my life when I couldn’t find you on my Facebook . I have just learned of Randy’s death…. And I am devastated.

    Please don’t disappear again! I need someone to explain what happened…. I had been listening to his music non stop for the last month and he was constantly in my thoughts and when I couldn’t raise him in an email I began to worry …. I googled him thinking maybe he was just on tour.

    Please help me understand how this happened to this man I know as an angel… You are in Vancouver again…. Help me understand…. Please.


  2. Hey Dylan

    I was wondering if you would be interested in doing a write up for the
    Daniel Romano show November 10th at St James Community Square in Vancouver.

    Here’s a video of the band playing

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