#PPP2013 Top 20: Willhorse

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Hey, it’s Friday!

It’s also the third installment of my introduction of the #PPP2013 Top 20 to you folks. Today, I bring you the southern rock stylings of a talented foursome from Golden, BC, Willhorse. This hairy group of rockers profess their band interests as whiskey, vinyl, coffee and cigarettes, according to their Facebook Page. ‘Classic Rock’ isn’t on that list, but listening to their music, I’m pretty certain that it’s very much implied. So put on some Willhorse and get a little down and dirty, southern-rock style.


[image via jodieponto.com]

[image via jodieponto.com]




#PPP2013 Top 20: Fallbrigade

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Did you get along with your siblings when you were younger?

You did?

Well enough to write songs and start a fantastic little band with them? I didn’t think so. For brother-sister duo Caleb and Esther Scott, their sibling bond was strong enough to recently get together, write some tunes, start a band, apply for the PEAK Performance Project 2013, and make the Top 20. With that I give you my second installment of introducing the PPP2013 Top 20 to you:



Fallbrigade are such a new band that they don’t even have an official website yet! Check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed for more details!



The 2013 PEAK Performance Project Top 20: Allow Me To Introduce You

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One of the most coveted music projects in Canada kicked off another sure-to-be-successful year last night with their Top 20 Launch Party at Fortune Sound Club. Said party kicked off with the announcement of this year’s Top 20 PEAK Performance Project, followed by performances from some PPP alumni including last year’s winners, Dear Rouge, as well as 3rd place finalist Dominique Fricot and 2011’s 2nd place band, The Boom Booms.

Announced last night, here are the Top 20 in alphabetical:

  • Amble Green
  • BESTiE
  • Bodhi Jones
  • Coldwater Road
  • Dougal Bain McLean
  • Fallbrigade
  • Good For Grapes
  • Greg Drummond
  • Hannah Epperson
  • Lions In The Street
  • Luca Fogale
  • Lyida Hol
  • Melissa Endean
  • Oh No! Yoko
  • Rolla Olak
  • Rykka
  • The Lion The Bear The Fox
  • Towers and Trees
  • Van Damsel
  • Willhorse

I want to do my best to get to know these young, exuberant bands and artists in the Top 20 as I only know a handful of them, so I figured I’ll get to know them better by introducing them all to you. Each day (or so) I’ll feature one of the Top 20 bands on MoreThanAFeeling Music with a brief bio, my thoughts, and a music video.

So, without further adieu, please allow me to introduce to you in no particular order, the first band I have chosen out of this year’s Top 20:

Lions In The Street

Lions In The Street

This hard-rockin’ Vancouver band have edge, riffs, and energy—at least, that’s what I gather from listening to their 2-song EP called On the Lam. Judging by Lions In The Street’s few tunes I’ve spun, they have the potential to be one of my favourites this year (but I may be getting a little ahead of myself). I’m excited to hear a band as “rock’n’roll” as LITS in this year’s Top 20.




PEAK Performance Project 2013 Top 20 Launch Party!

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102.7 PEAK Performance Project

It’s that time of year again!

BC’s beloved PEAK Performance Project (PPP) is returning for its 5th straight year starting tomorrow! In past years, the Top 20 bands/artists have been announced on the radio, but this year, 102.7 the PEAK, Music BC and Cariboo Brewing are throwing a launch party to end all launch parties (or something like that) at the Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver on June 11th (tomorrow!!). The party will kick off with the exciting Top 20 announcement promptly at 8:30pm, followed by the fantastic musical stylings of the Boom Booms, Dear Rouge, and Dominique Fricot beginning at 9pm.

The Boom Booms came in 2nd place in the 2011 PPP, while both Dear Rouge and Dominique Fricot placed in the Top 3 in last year’s competition, coming in 1st and 3rd, respectively.

For more information, check out the PEAK Performance Project 2013 Launch Party Facebook event page.

Tickets are still available (although there are only a few left!) RIGHT HERE for only about $12.

I’ll be there, hope to see you there, too! I’ll be attempting to live tweet the announcement so be sure to follow me on Twitter @mtaf_music for updates as the bands are announced!



Rock ‘n’ Roll Survival Kit: Jack White

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John Anthony Gillis---aka Jack White (image via Stereogum.com)

John Anthony Gillis—aka Jack White (image via Stereogum.com)

Do you know John Anthony Gillis? Even if the name is unrecognizable to you, if you live in North America and are not a complete hermit, there’s no question you have heard Mr. Gillis’ identifiable howl. At the tender age of 37, John Anthony Gillis—or Jack White, as he is better known—has achieved what many musicians couldn’t achieve in a lifetime of working the business: he owns his own recording company and studio, he has starred and performed in no less than 3 successful musical bodies (The White Stripes, The Raconteurs, The Dead Weather), he boasts a bucket of Grammy awards, and has recently released his first of what one can only hope to be a long catalogue of self-titled albums.

As significant as Jack White has been to the music industry in the last 10 to 12 years, there are still many who have not given any of White’s projects the time of day, because perhaps, they heard Fell In Love With A Girl back in 2001 and it left a bad taste in their mouth; or maybe it was due to the commercial radio’s relentlessness when spinning Seven Nation Army every hour on the hour back in 2003. It could be that you just “don’t like his voice” which is just cause for inattention.

Be that as it may, I’m writing this Rock ‘n’ Roll Survival Kit post in hopes of turning at least one ear to the fruits of Jack White’s tedious labours. For instance, just because you don’t like the garage rock fuzz of White Blood Cells doesn’t mean you’ll dislike the explorative and adventurous Consolers of the Lonely. But maybe you will—I don’t know, I’m not a doctor.

What I DO know, is that Jack White has become an icon for rock music in the 21st century; and with that icon status, I must present a Top 10 list. So if you still aren’t sold on the man who claimed to marry his sister (kind of), then maybe give the following tunes a try, as they are my personal favourites from the musical gospel of Jack White.

*Side note – narrowing the discography down to 10 favourites was brutally challenging*

  1. Icky Thump (Icky Thump)
  2. Screwdriver (The White Stripes)
  3. Consoler of the Lonely (Consolers of the Lonely)
  4. Slowly Turning Into You (Icky Thump)
  5. Missing Pieces (Blunderbuss)
  6. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (White Blood Cells)
  7. Carolina Drama (Consolers of the Lonely)
  8. Ball and Biscuit (Elephant)
  9. Level (Broken Boy Soldiers)
  10. White Moon (Under Great White Northern Lights version)


5 Songs You Just Might Like – Vol. 10(?)

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Man Overboard (image via last.fm)

Man Overboard (image via last.fm)

If I’m not mistaken—and without double-checking—I’m fairly positive I haven’t posted a 5 Songs segment since Valentine’s Day some 3.5 months ago. My deepest of apologies, I’m sure you were able to curate a weekly playlist with the help of commercial radio and television soundtracking many of our lives. Good music seems to find a way into the spotlight these days (although some will likely contend this is not necessarily a good thing)..

If you are reading this segment for the first time, the premise is pretty simple. I pick 5 songs that I have been digging as of late, and sometimes throw in an older tune for good measure. The name of the series kind of says it all, as the selected tunes are songs I feel strongly that even the mildest of music fan would enjoy, and therefore, “you just might like them.”

Disclaimer: you may not like any of these songs.

So may I present to you the 10th(?) volume of 5 Songs You Just Might Like:

The Belle Game – River

Heathers – Circular Road

Man Overboard – Love Your Friends, Die Laughing

Paper Lions – Philadelphia

Wild Child – The Tale of You & Me


New Music Review: Little Green Cars – Absolute Zero

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Album of the Year? Mayhaps.

Album of the Year? Mayhaps.

I often gush about songs. Often I gush about bands. Not nearly as often do I gush about entire albums. There are 3 reasons for this:

  1. As a full-time student, I don’t have the sufficient funds to purchase a lot of albums
  2. I don’t “illegally” download albums and, therefore, must take full advantage of free or inexpensive offerings by bands when available (which isn’t as often as I’d like)
  3. There tends to only be a handful of albums per year that really, truly, inexplicably stand out to me

Due to all 3 of these reasons, I’m going to tell you briefly how and why I am writing today with special regard to Little Green Cars‘ album, Absolute Zero.

I came across this little band out of Ireland—who sound anything but Irish—by happenstance as their song Big Red Dragon was a free iTunes download a few months back. I enjoyed the tune and considered it to be one of the better songs I had heard so far in 2013; however, I didn’t give them much more attention for whatever reason. Then I saw a few weeks later that their entire album was only $6.99 on iTunes, so I scraped up some loose change, stuck it into the iTunes coin slot, Bob’s yer uncle – I had the album on my computer.

This is where the magic begins. Track one, Harper Lee, had me at hello: it begins with lead singer Stevie Appleby’s boyish vocals calmly accompanying a pulsating acoustic guitar strum, but the serenity only lasts some 35 seconds before the band kicks in with climactic harmonies through the chorus. The rest of the tune—as well as the album—swells with call-and-answer vocal harmonies that are reminiscent of The Mamas and The Papas’ California Dreamin’. It may sound obscure, but it works like you wouldn’t believe.

Sure, they are fantastic tunes, but Harper Lee and Big Red Dragon are not just accidents. The rest of Absolute Zero is a feast for the ears. Angel Owl and the aptly named My Love Took Me Down To the River To Silence Me continue the trend of vocal and tempo dynamics that were present in the previous tracks. The latter, lyrically, is musical melodrama with a vocal playfulness in the bridge that juxtaposes the despair of the lyrical content. Sung by co-lead singer Faye O’Rourke, who has a tremendously unique voice, My Love Took Me Down To The River To Silence Me is chill-inducing.

Things slow down with The Consequence of Not Sleeping which features some lovely finger picking and even more terrific harmonies. Red and Blue is far and away the most obscure song on Absolute Zero as it features nothing more than arpeggiated synth and auto-tuned vocals. But don’t get me wrong, these auto-tuned vocals are absolutely fitting to the tune.

Both The Kitchen Floor and Please again feature O’Rourke’s magnificent voice. I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite song from O’Rourke’s contribution to the album. Each of her solo offerings are unique, and yet very similar. Please best showcases her vocal ability while The Kitchen Floor exemplifies her keen sense for intense melody. 

Perhaps Absolute Zero‘s best showcase, however, is its first single The John Wayne. Beginning slow and steady with 1/4 note bumps and strums—and more fantastic harmonies, obviously—The John Wayne teases until about 1:48 in when the tempo picks right up, mildly distorted guitars feverishly chug, and cymbals crash on the 8s. Lyrically, The John Wayne is the peak of what is a very well written album. The whole of the LP is musically devastating and lyrically sound, but this tune—to me—is the climax.

Due to its numerous styles and offerings, Absolute Zero is currently a front-runner for MoreThanAFeeling’s 2013 Album of the Year, without question. I’m a little perplexed as to why local commercial radio hasn’t picked up any of this talent’s music as their sound is commercially viable, but after what’s happened to other imports like Mumford & Sons, alt-J and Coldplay, perhaps I should keep my mouth shut?

I’ll leave you with an exerpt from the fantastic The John Wayne lyrics (which pair perfectly accompanied by the tune):

You know it’s your neglect is the reason that I’m so obsessed with you
And when I asked you your name you said John Wayne
And I guess it’s true
Coz then you shot me down
Doubled over and I hit the ground right in front of you
I guess in the Wild West it’s ok to shoot the pest that’s annoying you

It’s easy to fall in love
It’s easy to be alone
It’s easy to hate yourself when all your love is inside someone else
It’s easy to take it all
It’s easy to give it to when there’s more people out there to love than people who love you