Happy Tuesday!

Hello all,

It’s Tuesday, my favourite weekday.  Why?  Because Tuesday is the day that all new music (usually) is released to the masses!  This Tuesday sees several opportunities for some good music to be experienced.

If you are already a fan of Arcade Fire, you may likely know that they had an album finished and ready to be released by the name of The Suburbs.  Well, today is the day you can legally purchase the whole album.  The album consists of pre-album release singles, The Suburbs and Ready To Start, which were individually quite different in style and indicated to me that the band was ready to put out a solid effort after a three year hiatus.  The album can be purchased for $11.99 (tax free) on iTunes, which is a good deal due to the fact the album has 16 songs!  Not certain what the record stores are selling the album for, but it can also be purchased on Amazon.ca for about $13.00 plus shipping/handling, which is typically $3.50.  Stay tuned for an album review sometime this week on the blog, I need my own copy first!

Another new/old album out today is the Black Crowes‘ release of their Croweology.  If you think this name sounds like an anthology of their greatest work, you’d be right! But there’s a twist: all songs are done in an acoustic guitar arrangement. Interesting spin on some of their songs such as Jealous Again, Hotel Illness and Thorn In My Pride. Even the originally acoustic hit She Talks To Angels has a different sound; a little mellower with some strings and piano, nice touch.  If you’re a little cynical, you may think the band doesn’t have much left to offer in the way of quality, new music, and that they (and their record label) need some extra cash, so they put out this album.  Could be a possibility, but from a few song samples that I’ve heard, not to mention the fact that there are 22 cuts on this new album (or double album), I think even the cynic may be in for a treat.

One more reason to check the iTunes “Single of the Week” every Tuesday: The Ballad of Bruce Moose by Born Ruffians.  That’s the name of the single and band who are featured in this week’s Single of the Week.  This iTunes weekly feature can be quite hit and miss, but every once in a while you will find some gems.  I have downloaded and listened to this single a few times, but it doesn’t quite have the staying power that the Born Ruffians demonstrate in previous singles, such as What To Say and Sole Brother.  Not a terrible song in the least, and fantastic for a free download, you really can’t go wrong.  If you haven’t heard of the Born Ruffians as of yet, I would highly advise making a free purchase (is that possible?) by downloading this one, as well as sampling the rest of their latest album Say It.



~ by DR on August 3, 2010.

2 Responses to “Happy Tuesday!”

  1. @ink here there all Arcade Fire tracks in mp3.
    The suburbs, ready to start, modern man, rococo, all. Enjoy.

  2. Great stuff, I’m playing the lights out of the new Arcade Fire album.

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